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    Have you tried to delete it using your Macbook Calendar Application?


    Have you tried to log out/in from iCloud.com?


    Have you tried to restart your computer?


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    Yep, I did all that even called apple support (but this will cost $19.00 to resolve) I'll try to find it out if some one can help - if not then I have no other choice just to pay them to resolve this issue


    also look like because of this issue I have error #403 message on mac calendar. popping out constantly

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    Quit/Force Quit Calendar, then paste this text ~/Library into the Finder>Go>Go to Folder...window and select "Go." This will open the Users Library Folder.


    Next open the Calendars Folder and move any any files with "Cache" listed in the name field to your Desktop.


    Also open the Preferences Folder in the same Library, and move the com.apple.iCal.plist file to the Desktop.


    Log out/in or restart, and open Calendar.