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We purchased five iMacs just about 2-3 weeks ago. During initial installation, I was using my ID to sign up to run a bunch of software updates.

Later on, these machines are joined to our active directory. We let the people who use these imacs admin rights, they're using their network logon credential.


We've begin to notice that when there is software update for Pages/Numbers/Keynote/iMovie, the app store id is greyed out with my apple id prepopulated. These users have their own apple id, but it will not allow them to install software update.

The auto update in sys pref is enabled, but does not install these updates automatically (it requires app store sign on).


Now before you're thinking this is a second hand computers, or they did not buy the iWork:

1. Machines are all brand new.

2. iWork came with the iMacs preinstalled out of the box.

3. Everyone who's using these iMacs have admin rights.


So my question is: how do I get iWork software update to these iMacs without me logging in to the App Store using my apple id? Afterall, we didn't buy the iWork, it came with the computers preinstalled. We're not installing full version, we're installing updates.

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    They're associated with the Apple ID used to register the computer. Go to the Mac App Store main page, click on Support under Quick Links, contact Apple, and see what they say.



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    Thanks, I contacted them. The solution is to create shared/common apple id.

    If anyone has similar question in similar situation in mid/large scale deployment, the solution is to create a new apple id to be used with a departmental/group, and use that to do software update when it prompts you. If you've done what I did above, you have to do a support chat to do a 'transfer'.