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It's been a while, but ever since I upadated to Safari 7.0.1 (or maybe even the version earlier), I've been unable to open any PDF documents inside of Safari. When I click on a link on Google linked to a PDF document, a grey page shows up with the message "Adobe Reader blocked for this website" I tried clicking the message and a panel dropped down asking me whether I trust the website or not. But even after I clicked Trust and the page reloaded it self the PDF still doesn't show up.


Anyoen know how to get around this? I know Apple got rid of native support for many web applications because of security threat but there should be a way to put it back in right?



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Safari Preferences... Security
    from the Safari menu bar and check the box marked
    Allow (or Enable) plug-ins
    Then click the button marked
    Manage Website Settings...
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    I've done that multiple times.  I have reinstalled Java, Reinstalled Adobe reader

    and still received this message and when I click on it I get this:

    Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 4.29.07 PM.png


    Now, if I go to Chrome or Firefox, the pdf opens no problem


    As an aside, My safari also does not save anything I click for a Bookmark


    MAC OS 10.8.5

    Safari 6.1.6


    Any suggestions?