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  • kona_ Level 1 Level 1

    Add me as another customer with this problem. MBP retina 10,1 mid 2012, mavericks, 18 months into 36 month extended apple care.


    Under warranty, apple replaced the logic board. One day later, same problem is immediately back. Limping by with a workaround is not good enough. I need a solution or a different system. Anybody out there actually resolved this problem ? Not just a workaround? Apple? Hello?

  • cscholz83 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello, this is the repor apple service gave to me


    *Boot ROOM: Boot ROM FW GUID MAC addr Checksum Test —> Test OK.

    *Battery —> Test OK.

    *Bluetooth —> Test OK.

    *SMC —> Test OK.

    *Display: EDID Checksum Test —> Test OK.

    *Multitouch Track Pad: Multitouch Trackpad Open Test —> Test OK.

    *Sensor —> Test OK.

    *Speaker: Speaker Valid Vendor ID Test —> Test OK.

    *Airport —> Test OK.

    *Audio Controller: Device Check Test —> Test OK.

    *Sata: Sata PCI register Test —> Test OK.

    *SD Card Reader —> Test OK.

    *USB HUB: Hub USB Interface Test —> Test OK.

    *USB Controller: USB 3 Link Error Test —> Test OK.

    *Product —> Test OK.

    *Thunderbolt Port —> Test OK.

    *Thunderbolt —> Test OK.

    *Camera —> Test OK.

    *Fan Motor —> Test OK.

    *Video Controller External —> Test OK.

    *Video Controller Internal —> Test OK.

    *Thermal Interface - Processor —> Test OK.

    *Memory —> Test FAILED.

    *Hard Drive Internal —> Test OK.


    One RAM module is not working, today I paid for repair 900 USD (here is about 2800 USD this model) for new Logic Board, replacement will arrive in 20 days, will let you know.


    First I thought it was Mavericks but on my MacBook Air 11' Mid 2011 nothing has happened!!!


    I gave the Apple technicians this Discussion issued, they told me that is not a colective problem...

  • kona_ Level 1 Level 1

    After a replacement logic board (first) and top case (second), my issue persisted. I expect that it was related to heat management, fan activation, etc, although the fans worked, tested ok, and the thermal sensors in the battery/top case didn't fix the problem. Silverlight would cause the problem immediately, but it was by no means unique to that software. Apple finally resolved my issue with a *new* solution. After three work weeks without stability, ~15 hours on the phone, and ~500 miles driven here and there and everywhere, and a full restore from time machine, I'm back in business. Must have been a hardware problem.

  • 8thSage Level 1 Level 1

    Earlier in this thread I reported that I was getting the same issues with my mid-2012 macbook pro.  These became more and more frequent and sometimes after the crash I was unable to boot (even after resetting the SMC and PRAM). Only after the passage of a few hours would the machine boot.


    I took my machine to my local apple store five days ago.   After a day they reported that it needed a new logic board.  After another day they reported that it needed a new top case.  I was told that it would be available for collection after five days.


    When I went to collect it, I was told that they had decided to replace it with a new macbook pro.  No explanation was given for this and to be honest I wasn't going to question it.  Unfortunately, they're out of stock so I now have a "loner" machine for 3 weeks.


    I should add that I have Applecare.

  • Dazman Level 1 Level 1

    Fingers crossed this setting is working for me too... so far so good after a few days.  Previously I was getting a GPUPanic every day on a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro.  AppleStore ran a test and no hardware issues / fresh install of Mavericks didn't resolve the problem 

  • yf lin Level 1 Level 1

    Macbook retina 2013 early frequent GPU panic with NVRAM read error issue has been fixed after reapplying thermal paste.

  • DidierML Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list ! It started happening few days ago. So happy

  • Tbakes73 Level 1 Level 1

    I've been having the same issue with my mid-2012 MBPR for the last couple of months but its been almost unusable since upgrading to Yosemite.


    I've since disabled the auto switching and as well I downloaded gfxCardStatus and I'm only running on the integrated Intel card. it seems to be functioning ok but I will be wanting to get it fixed as soon as get back in country.

  • Engender Level 1 Level 1

    Just had a GPU Failed kernel panic on my 2012 rMBP. Rather, I had a series of them seconds apart, according to Console. It's the first time I've seen this and I'm running the release version of Yosemite.


    Is the consensus that this is a hardware problem fixed by adding thermal paste? If so, I'll take me rMBP in as soon as possible. I'd rather get the additional thermal paste and mitigate any heat-related damage before I get the GPU panics regularly.

  • delook Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Could be something similar like you, .

    I'm now at this point with my MBPr 2012, OS X 10.10 Yosemite installed:

    Can now only see a black screen when turning off the machine. Can hear the startup chime and fan, so hardware seems to work except graphic card(?)


    Before, I had several GPU panic that only worked out with a hard resets …


    In blind mode (say: black screen), I (hope I) made SMC and PRAM reset. Nothing changed. Now I'm going to the Apple Store tomorrow, see what they can do : (



    UPDATE: After waiting half an hour (MBPr was running with black screen), I could just wake it up with pressing any key.


    I'm trying to do more tests now …

  • jakub.j Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list !


    I've been having the same issue with my mid-2012 MBPR for the last couple of weeks

    its been almost unusable since upgrading to Yosemite.



  • DidierML Level 1 Level 1

    Been to the Apple store. GPU ****** up. Another motherboard. Fought and succeeded to obtain a 40% discount. I'll keep up to dat if the problem comes again... Best wishes for everyone out there

  • Chaplins Level 1 Level 1

    Sign me up for this thread!

    I've started to get very annoyed with this problem. Have had the same issue with my MBP Retina 15" 10,1 (mid 2012, 16GBram).

    GPU Panics, Random freezing of machine, lagging graphics (when i open my application folder, the dock "flow" lags seriously! are yours doing the same?)


    I have been to Humac (Authorized Apple Retailer, Denmark) who told me to do a clean install cause that was what their mechanics would do. If it doesn't help i had to go to them again.

    My warranty runs out the 19/1 2015 so i don't have much time to run.


    I did the clean install but i still have the same issues. I tried some of the "tricks" or walkarounds from this thread which actually helped me.. i disabled the automatic switching between graphics which helped quite good but i don't see that as a permanent solution.

  • _ellery Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem with my Early 2013 15" retina.

  • giulas Level 1 Level 1

    Me too...Mid 12 10,1 macbook pro gpu panic many times.. specially now with yosemite...this is clearly a group issue...they just didn't acknowledge this...