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Opening a CSV file and in this new version of Numbers (3.4) a blank field, that is to say two commas with only space(s) between them is now set to zero in the spreadsheet rather than empty or blank.  A BLANK is not ZERO!  what gives?  Ughhhhh!


Numbers 2.3 (aka Numbers 09) left BLANK as a BLANK, I just checked it.

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    1) The lastest version Numbers I am aware of is 3.1

    2) I cannot confirm your finding.  Here is what I did:


    I created a text file:









    then saved as "CVSTest.cvs"

    Then opened in Numebrs 3.1


    Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.07.48 PM.png


    Can you post a snippet of the offending file and how it looks in Numbers?

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    DOH! It is 3.1 ( like the title).


    FYI, I reproduced again with a different set of data.  The last two columns have the undesired zeros.

    Looks like spaces are triggering zeros.


    I don't see spaces in your data.




    Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.30.35 AM.png


    Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.30.25 AM.png

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    yup.  spaces AFTER (or between) the commas will cause zeros in the cells.  Try duplicating your csv file and remove  spaces between the commas (as a test).  Use your favorite hex editor to confirm that is really a space and not some other character between the commas.

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    Yes, on my machine the result in Numbers 3 is different from what I get in Numbers 2.3 and Excel.  Suggest making a bug report via your menu Numbers > Provide Numbers Feedback.



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    Yep, another bug.


    I note that it will correctly export a cell with a space character, creating a proper CSV file but importing that exact same CSV back into Numbers 3.1 will result in the zero.

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    Since my problem is also related to csv, I post it here. I have Numbers 3.1. WIth Numbers 2.x, I could drag and drop a csv file on a soreadsheet and get a good result. Now, not only drag and drop is impossible, but when I try to open it, the all the columns are gathered into only one :


    Numbers 3.1.png


    Here is a sample of the csv file :


    Group: aLaFolie,UUID: dc0e4843-8d06-487a-cef7-27d885bc8b85,Ttl members: 1287,


    Name,UUID,Title,Last online

    Trilby Minotaur,e3bedd95-3962-4de2-a19c-f09cb0105df3,Alafolie VIP,02/02/2014

    Shammuramat Resident,f44e702f-7e49-4a93-aa6f-5fefa80faff6,Alafolie VIP,13/01/2014

    Bailey001 Resident,b57cb820-cf44-4fb2-a40f-e16b54c32663,Alafolie VIP,02/02/2014

    Alba Faith,f512186b-968f-4a20-9bc5-d72614590e65,Alafolie VIP,28/03/2013

    Pinky Melnik,e2f23291-2678-4cf1-9539-7a65f6b39f2e,Alafolie VIP,03/02/2014

    Karma Farella,5f2a7a1b-0935-4c5f-9eb3-35adf247678a,Alafolie VIP,14/12/2013


    Should it be reported as a bug ?


    Thank you

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    To post feedback or a bug use the menu item "Numbers > Provide Numbers Feedback"

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    The Drag/Drop feature was removed in 3.0. Not a bug, just a removed feature. Ask them to bring it back.


    From your description of what happens when you open a CSV file, I have two ideas of what might be the problem:

    1. Your CSV file has a TXT extension, not CSV.  What you showed is how Numbers imports text files.
    2. Your localization uses semicolons, not comma, in "CSV" files

    To get around Numbers 3 CSV import problems, I import CSVs into Numbers 2.3 then copy/paste the result to Numbers 3.0. Pitiful, yes, but that's what I have to do.

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    Indeed it is a pity: to avoid the detour (suggested by Badunit) I continue to use Numbers 2.3 instead of the new Numbers 3.1, which is also much more slowly in my hands. It is very strange that drag-and-drop CSV-files is no longer possible in Numbers 3.1. Another possibility is returning to "good old Excel"...

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    There is a convenient solution in the thread with the links below.


    For the problem where you end up with text in one column:




    For the situation where you want to bring a csv file into Numbers:


       As a script you can put in your menu:




       As a service:

          (so you can select csv file in Finder, right-click, and choose from the contextual menu.)





    All of these just require a click to run a script, click once in a cell in an existing Numbers table, and command-v paste.  That's it.