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This problem occurs for multiple first and last names in my contacts—the following is just one example:


My last name is "Weber". Fairly simple and not uncommon. Siri had no trouble pronouncing it for any of my family members while I was using iOS 6. In fact, I don't recall any pronunciation problems in iOS 6, but now that I have Siri's "improved" version in iOS 7, many names are mis-pronounced. Siri REFUSES to learn how to say my last name correctly. Same with my wife's first name. About once a month since the realse of iOS 7 I've tried to correct Siri's pronunciations using slow, clear speaking and varied techniques (such as placing clear pauses between syllables, over-emphasizing each sounds, etc.) No luck.


When teaching pronunciations, the three examples Siri gives often sound identical to one another and are still very wrong. Names seem have a German dialect to them... (e.g., Weber can only be pronounced "Vayber" or "Wember" no matter how hard I try.) Is there something I'm missing here? Siri has gotten so much worse and it is incredibly frustrating...