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This problem occurs for multiple first and last names in my contacts—the following is just one example:


My last name is "Weber". Fairly simple and not uncommon. Siri had no trouble pronouncing it for any of my family members while I was using iOS 6. In fact, I don't recall any pronunciation problems in iOS 6, but now that I have Siri's "improved" version in iOS 7, many names are mis-pronounced. Siri REFUSES to learn how to say my last name correctly. Same with my wife's first name. About once a month since the realse of iOS 7 I've tried to correct Siri's pronunciations using slow, clear speaking and varied techniques (such as placing clear pauses between syllables, over-emphasizing each sounds, etc.) No luck.


When teaching pronunciations, the three examples Siri gives often sound identical to one another and are still very wrong. Names seem have a German dialect to them... (e.g., Weber can only be pronounced "Vayber" or "Wember" no matter how hard I try.) Is there something I'm missing here? Siri has gotten so much worse and it is incredibly frustrating...

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    Hello JoetWeber,


    It sounds like Siri is mis pronouncing names that used to sound just fine before iOS 7. It sounds like Siri may be using a different accent than it used to. I recommend checking the language settings for Siri to see if the correct dialect is selected.

    Go to Settings > General > Siri > Language.


    From: iOS: Understanding Siri and VoiceOver voices


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    Hi Sterling,


    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, this is not the problem—My iPhone is correctly set to "English (United States)"... (And if it's relevant, I am using the default Female voice.)

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    Joe, did you ever resolve this? I have the same exact problem teaching Siri how to pronounce the name "Wagner". I will teach it and it will say it correctly once, but every time after that, it pronounces it "Vagner" as if with a German accent. I was hoping this was fixed in iOS 8 but the problem remains.

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    Unfortunately, the problem remains—and is unaffected by any updates. It is incredibly frustrating to this day that my wife's first and last names (i.e. the words Siri says most often) are completely butchered by Siri. Both names are normal, and the pronunciation training hasn't worked for me at all... not on her name, nor on many other names in my contacts.

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    Siri was better in IOS 6. In fact, I have abandoned Siri and just use spotlight. Google's voice search feature is WAY BETTER. Disappointing. Much like the Apple Map feature.