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Numbers crashed after the last update so I removed it from my Mac but now the App Store keeps saying it is still installed and won't let me re-download it. Any ideas? (I have restarted the computer)


Thanks in advance...

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    Hi Sparkoids,


    Perhaps you could try this. In Mac App Store, click on Account, then sign in, and "Reset all warnings for buying and download.' Then sign out and back in and try downloading again.


    (Also, make sure it's the Numbers in your Applications folder that you moved to the trash, not the Numbers that you may have in an iWork '09 subfolder within Applications. You'll probably want to keep the version that's in the subfolder because it's got features that the new Numbers does not have, at least not yet. The two versions for the most part coexist happily on the Mac.)



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    No it still isn't working - still won't let me downlad :-{


    I'm going to try and rebuy it and ask for a refund!


    Thanks for your help anyway....

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    The solution is to log out of the App Store with your normal login.


    Log in using another Apple ID and go to purchases.


    Then log out again and log back in using your normal login (the one where you are trying to download the app).


    It then magically appears and can be downloaded...