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Power PC 10.5.8, Leopard.  Going to purchse new Mac but first want to download most info to external hard drive; do not know if 1PB Drive  is large enough.  I have Time Machine.

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    Do a 'get info' on your hard drive to see how much has been used.


    Some of this will be caches etc and will not need to be backed up.


    I would use Carbon Copy Cloner and clone the whole hard drive to either an empty external drive or to a disk image if the drive has something on it.

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    Neville: I have used 67.32 GB out of 74.41 GB. Yes, my compute is very old but still working;  though more slowly now.  I have almost 2000 photos and 2,387 songs or 4.42 GB on it. So, I will be buying an external hard drive but will 1 TB be enough or will I need to go higher. I have researced those that are MAC compatable so I do hope that it is not too difficult.

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    You have confused me.


    I thought you were asking how big the external should be to back up your existing Mac.


    Clearly 100 GB would be adequate for this purpose.

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    1 TB = 1000 GB. So the external you are considering will be fine as a Time Machine backup.

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    This should be my last response so thanks for the help.  I guess that I really did not make myself clear in the beginning. I had asked about an external hard drive for the following reasons.

    1. I will purchase a new Mac

    2. I want to download most of what I now have on my old Mac to a hard drive.

    3.  I will bring that hard drive to the Apple Store where, with help, we will transfer to the new computer.

    4.  I will  continue to use this same hard drive with my new computer. Since this hard drive will serve a duel purpose I was concerned about how much information it could hold, now and in the future.

    5. Today, I  plan to purchase a 2 TB hard drive that is Mac formatted with a USB 3.0. & I  hope that everything works out.

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    Not helped by your question:


    "do not know if 1PB Drive  is large enough"


    A 1PB Drive is 500 times the capacity of the one you intend to purchase and I doubt that such large drives are available.