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Hi, when I play songs through one of my ios devices via itunes match service, often a song will not finish and start "skipping" at approx 10secs before the end. It happens on ipad and iphone5. I have tried closing the app, restarting on both devices. Have also tried re-syncing with windows laptop. The songs finish fine when played in itunes on laptop. I can start the next song by clicking forward button but it should do it automatically surely....

iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.4
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    I spent hours on the phone with Apple about this very bug a couple of months ago: songs getting cut off shortly before the end. It seems to be especially bad on certain albums. Doesn't seem to matter if I bought the music from Apple or uploaded it myself from CDs.


    The guy at Apple was very nice and tried all kinds of things but ultimately nothing fixed the problem.


    It's very frustrating to have songs get cut off like this. I like the idea behind Match, but I'm looking at a different cloud service for my music.  Too many problems with Match.