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My Ipod 160GB when disconnected is showing without any files, but no room available. It appears in my 'Computer' screen as 'Removable Disk (though the icon is a little iPod). It does not show up in iTunes at all (I have the latest version).


When I right-click the icon on the 'Computer' screen it does run incredibly slowly. I was doing this to consider if I should try formatting it (only NTSF and exFAT formats were showing) but I wasn't certain if that would be a good idea.


I have thus far:


  1. Hard Reset iPod
  2. Verified the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver was installed correctly via Device Manager
  3. Checked the device in 'Computer Management' > 'Disk Management - showing as a RAW file with only format option as exFAT or NTSF
  4. Ran iPod in Diagnostic Boot Mode - IO > HardDrive > HDSMARTData* - stats revealed 'Error' (did this twice to confirm error). Reset iPod from here.
  5. After this it actually came up in iTunes but said it needed to be restored - ran Restore iPod. Error message said 'iPod cannot be restored. Uknown error occoured (1415).
  6. Tried Solution 1 (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1539) - Reregistering the .dll files. Was unable to complete step 11 as the iPod did not appear in iTunes.
  7. Verified that Apple Mobile Device Manager was installed.
  8. Restarted the Apple Mobile Device Service.
  9. Checked for third party conflicts - couldn't find any.
  10. Changed the drive letter and restarted the computer.
  11. Put into disk mode - unsure what that achieves.
  12. Downloaded the HP USB with no luck running the program. I believe that Windows Vista doesn't allow formatting drives to FAT32 at all, and even previous editions of Windows wouldn't allow formatting above 32GB so certainly no suitable for me. If I got hold of a mac computer - could I format on that? Or is there a FAT32 Formatter that works for 160GB?


So I am at a bit of a frustrated loss. If you have any suggestions or know what I should do - I am all ears or eyes as it were. I will be on standby to give you more information if required.




iPod classic, Windows Vista