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Hi community,


While downloading Maverick to upgrade to it from mountain lion, i turned off time machine as i thought that TM may be partially responsible for the slowness of the download (my first mistake). I then performed the upgrade to maverick. So far so good, upgrade went fine; all data (documents, pictures, music mail, safari bookmarks etc..) was all there.

That night the computer was shutdown. Note, I had stupidly forgotton to turn TM back on after the upgrade. When the computer was started up the next day, all data was missing - documents, photos, music, mail. I looked in TM, but it had no data i could go back to. I rang support and was told that TM does not recognize backups that were performed under a prior version of the OS. So I manually located the folders on the external backup drive and copied the missing folders (documents, downloads, pictures and music) to my computer's drive. I now turned on TM. So far so good. I did lose some safari bookmarks but i'm not too concerned about that. My problem is that i lost all my mail and it's folders.

Is there a way to locate and restore my mail folders from before the upgrade to Maverick? Any help would be appreciated.




iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)