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I'm running a Mac OS X Server 10.6.8 installation with multiple 10.9.1 clients. All clients are using iWork v. Latest and were all updated from 10.x and iWork '09. to get here.


When opening and then saving a Numbers (or Pages) document on the server, a folder with the same name as the original appears on the server. The contents look suspiciously like a bundle or package with the guts of the document in the folder.


The original document also gets modified when the document is saved.


Deleting the folder does not seem to affect the original document in any way.


It does this with alarming consistency.


Today, it exhibited a new behavior: a second document appeared with the same name. Though I wasn't able to see it on the server, several of the clients showed this second copy of the document. Others did not.


I have repaired permissions on the server and have ensured that all of the files and folders have "Read & Write" permissions for the root share point for "This folder, child folders, child files, all descendants". That I can tell, it's not a permission problem as each user can delete the mystery folder when it appears.


However, that said, I do have multiple users logging into the server using one username across several clients. That shouldn't cause a problem.


Users do not access the files in question at the same time.


Any ideas?




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    Same problem here. But mine is on a computer sharing files. All using Mavericks 10.9.1. and latest update of Numbers & Pages.



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    Aaaaand it has happened on the Desktop of one of the local machine as well.


    This is with the .1 updates released recently.


    Double bump!

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    I'm having the same issue, not all users just a number of them and no consistency on why or when it's happening. 10.9.1 clients, numbers 3.1, latest pages and happens at a critical time. 10.6.8 server, propogating the correct permissions so can't understand what's happening. Unfortunately this is affecting 70 users and I'm loath to upgrade the server. I'll check the afp logs and see what's up.



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    The problem where it was occuring on the desktop of a local machine was induced by StuffIt Expander, which was unzipping the zipped archives on the desktop. Deleting StuffIt Expander solved that problem.


    To date, I haven't had any complaints of weird folders being created on the server or locally after the .1 update, other than the SIE-induced problem.

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    Same problem here. Im running an OS X Mav Server 3.0.2 with shared folders over AFP. But for me it is not consistent at all. Sometimes it creates a "mystery folder" and sometimes not. It only happening with the iWork apps tho.


    The other problem you were mentioning with duplicate folders in the client finder, but in server terminal (ssh) theres only 1 file, happened to me, but only 1 time.


    I always thought it was related to autosave feature of iWork/os x, or file versions. I have turned of autosave on clients and server but problem still persist.


    Could it be related to versions? I dont know for sure how to disable versions in the iWork apps, but it shouldnt be neccecary FFS.

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    Hi Pinion


    This disables versions globally


    defaults write -g ApplePersistence -bool no


    Log into terminal as admin or su [administrator] then paste the command above.