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Ever since I moved to U-Verse high speed service and their (mandatory) i38HG modem/router my wife's iPad has been unable to find our HP C310a Printer, (which is running the latest firmware.)  The iPad is also running the latest version of iOS.


The printer is connected to our network via WiFi. I have tried standard DHCP and static IP addresses for both the iPad and the printer. The printer has Bonjour and UPNP enabled. All of the PCs on the network have no trouble finding the printer.


Incredibly, I installed an HP printer control app on the iPad and it finds the printer and prints status reports on it with no problem whatsoever.


The i38HG does not appear to have any settings that control local service broadcasts.


I have gone through all for the suggested procedures I could find on line for fixing this problem, but I've had no luck in doing so.


Since there appears to be no way of defining a printer in iPad settings or applications, I have run out of ideas to fix this problem.


Does anyone have a suggestion? My wife and I would be very appreciative. -Thank you...