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I have an OPPO-103 BluRay player that can be Network connected to my Mac to play music or display photos?  I have set up file sharing, the OPPO sees my computer, but then asks for a Username and Password.  I have tried entering several possiblilities but it will not accept them.


Has anyone connected an OPPO player with their Mac to stream media?  If so, how did you set it up?  Thanks.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), iOS 6.1
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    Your OPPO-103 BluRay player can be connected to your Mac. The username should be your computer name as listed under System Preferences/Sharing/Computer Name. 
    Make sure you have File Sharing checked in this menu.



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    I would think that also, but that did not work.  Probably that is correct, but acording to OPPO:


    Unfortuantely in both cases SMB will not work since the SMB sharing for both devices are not compatible with the SMB 2.0 implementation in our player.

    What you will want to do is use a third party DLNA server such as Playback (http://www.yazsoft.com/products/playback/) on your Mac to take advantage of your network shares.


    I got it, ran the free Demo and it worked perfectly right away.  Price for a 3-License pack is $15.  Well worth it for the frustration I've had trying to get this to work.


    Perhaps Apple could, someday, provide a similar server built into an OS release.