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Hi everyone, just a quick question. I have recently bought a second hand MacBook Pro from a customer of the store I work at. the MacBook has mavericks installed and my main concern is that it had find my mac enabled on the unit so I decided to disable it and also remove the Apple ID from the MacBook, if I reinstall the OS by connecting it to the internet as required will it show the location of the mac ? The reason i ask this is because I'm a bit paranoid about the person knowing where I live, he's a nice guy but it still worries me that he may be able to find my address. Any ideas, advice or help would be great.  On top of that would it be possible to install snow leopard over mavericks as I would like to use my Apple ID to install the necessary OS'


Thanks again

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    if you erase your MacBook Pro’s internal disk and reïnstall the  version of OS X that was originally installed  on it at the factory (the seller should have done that, since Mavericks is non-transferable when downloaded from the Mac App Store), that will both remove the Apple ID currently associated with it and disable the Find My Mac feature.


    Whether you can install Snow Leopard on this MacBook Pro depends upon which model MacBook Pro it is; if it originally came from the factory with Lion or newer, then you can’t install Snow Leopard on it. (Well, technically you could, but it wouldn’t run with any guarantee of stability.)

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    Hi thanks for your help :)


    Just one last question, what is os x base system, does it contain any of the previous owners info and also I've managed to install snow leopard and was wondering if the os x base system will have been deleted. Thanks again :)

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    I don’t know what “os x base system” is — would you be more specific on where you’re seeing it?


    Which model MacBook Pro do you have?