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This Is more of Scratch my head thing. Although it continues with Mavericks, It has been an issue with the Help functions as long as I can remember in OSX. And seems to get worse with each new version of the OS.


I am in a application (doesn't make a difference what application. Whether finder or any application) I click in the help menu and type in the field. The computer sits and takes up to 5 minutes for anything to come up. If there is a choice for a Particular application (say for example Excel, or Acrobat, Adobe) there is no difference. I can remember in OS 9 and lower, when you typed in field, and the help would show up almost before finished typing. You'd think the Help would get Faster with the new technology.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Help in not local, so if you have a slow internet connection, help will be slow also.

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    Comcast Boost Cable Connection.  I've went from PPP to DSL, and Now using Cable typical connection is about 35MBS

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    The 5 minute wait you're getting is way too long.  I have a slow connection (3mbs), and the longest wait I have in help is 15 seconds.


    To test if this is a problem related just to your account, try booting into the Guest Account (->System Preferences->Users & Groups) and see if the problem occurs there also.

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    Tried two different Profiles Guest and Test.

    Actually worse.


    Guess I'll just live with it.

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    May have figured out issue . I use a Firewall Program called Little Snitch. Just grasping at Straws I went into its rules and looked up rule on apple help.  Located one and couldn't delete or or edit but could disable. Seems to have helped.

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    What was the exact name of the rule you disabled? I have the same problem of Help taking a long time to come up, even though I have enough Internet bandwidth to watch multiple HD video streams.

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    1. Click the little Snitch indicator in Finder menubar
    2. Click on show Rules
    3. In search bar type Help or Apple Help
    4. Will see an item show and item called HELPD
    5. In menubar for little snitch click on show Disabled
    6. A new collum appears with * showing in active rules.
    7. There may or may not be two items
    8. On theone that has 443 in the explaination click on the astericks
    9. Awarning will come up you are about to disable this rule.
    10. Click okay


    If there is one listed that say open anything leave that one on.

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    Thanks, I'll try that.

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    One Comment it only disables temporaily. I have a note into the Makers of little snitch about this.  But as long as you don't shut down during the day it allows help to Work.