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Randall White Level 1 (5 points)

Since upgrading to iOS7 my iPhone 4S will often return the error "No Results Found" for even the most basic search request.


What is even more annoying is it will AutoFill a location and still refuse to find the location it just suggested.


Even worse, I have to spend considerable time finding a work-around to get it to give some sort of results so I can actually get to where I was going. It seems that Maps worked best when it was first introduced and "somebody" is introducing issues.


For example: I entered the term "newport" and the Maps app offered several results around the World including "Newport, RI, United States"


One would reasonably assume that if the app was aware of the state and country it would easily return the results (good luck with that unreasonable expectation). If I remove " , United States" from the search field it easily finds Newport, RI


Often when I'm looking for a location and I just put in the numbers, it will find the location and several others around the world even though I only entered the numbers. But since iOS7 there's a bug where — most of the time — I select the suggested address. It will return "No Results Found" and I will have to stop and find some sort of workaround to get to the location.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.4, x2
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