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I have been working on a project using footage I have extracted from a DVD of a friend's Dolphion experience. The DVD is in a PAL widescreen format and I have used streamclip to extract it in a form imovie 06HD can use.


The finished project looks good when viewed from imovie and when the iDVD project is viewed on my imac.


However, when the disc is viewed on a DVD player there are what I can only describe as horizontal distortions - it looks as though the lines that make up the picture are displaced. I had iDVD set for Best Quality. The distortion only appears in the video content and not in the video menu or the imovie theme.


I would really appreciate some help, please

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Using i movie 6HD and Final Cut Ex.
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    This can be many things.


    A. You must use same frame rate in all project. Neither iMovie or iDVD do this conversion in a good way. I use JES_Deinterlacer (free from Internet) to make all material in same fps.


    B. Best Quality - is the lowest Quality iDVD can produce.

    If total - movie + menu - is less than 45 minutes - Best Performance might be best - else Pro Quality is my main choice.


    C. When converting material - make sure that it is in StreamingDV or AIC - Video Codec.


    D. When going from iMovie 6HD to iDVD - DO NOT USE  - Share to iDVD or other.

    JUST Close iMovie

    Open iDVD

    Start a new iDVD project and select a nice theme (in proper fps PAL or NTSC)

    Now drop the iMovie PROJECT Icon into Your iDVD MENU Window - Avoid drop zones !




    Yours Bengt W

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    This is very helpful.
    One point is that I don't have "Pro Quality" as  an option on my version of iDVD which is 6.0.4 (797). It sounds as  though I should get a later version. Can this stillbe downloaded from  Apple?

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    Yes, you really need the much improved iDVD 7, but this is no longer available from Apple.


    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac? How do I get it and how do I install it?




    (That actually refers to newer Macs that do not come with iDVD, but you will get the general idea!)

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    I have downloaded JES Deinterlacer but I am having real difficulty in finding the settings for PAL widescreen and 25fps.

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    I'm having difficulty finding iLife 09 on Amazon UK, all seem to be out of stock. Other sources seem to be asking very high prices.

    What are the improvements in iDVD 7 over version 6.0.4 that make this worthwhile?

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    iDVD 1

    Has it ever existed ?


    iDVD 2

    First one to reach users ?


    iDVD 3 (2003)

    Chapter markers

    Menu themes that can be adapted to movie

    Need Mac OS X.1.5 or rather X.2.2


    iDVD 4 (2004)

    needed a Hack to do DiskImage

    Two encoding qualities. High Quality (90 min or less) and Best Performances (60 min or less)


    iDVD 5 (2005)

    OneStep DVD

    High Quality (120 min or less) instead of previous 90 min max


    iDVD 6 (6.0.4 - Oct 2007)

    Two encoding qualities. High Quality (120 min or less) and Best Performances (60 min or less)

    Fit Widescreen TVs

    OneStep DVD

    Magic iDVD

    Auto-fill drop zones

    Editable in Map view

    DL-DVD support

    External non Apple DVD-burners


    iDVD 08 (7.0.1) (2008)


    Accepts more video formats

    aligning guide

    Pro encoding quality added

    Burn-speed can be set

    Bug - Updated movies - destroyed iDVD project = Re-do

    Chapters - still problematic from iMovie, FinalCut and QuickTime

    (only a-z and 0-9, Not in transitions or near (2 sec) from them or at movie start)


    iDVD 09 (7.0.4) (2009)

    Same as previous - Good as it is ?

    BUG - rep. Version. 7

    - Do not go back to video editor and make any adjustments. (iMovie and FinalCut E/P)

    iDVD will notice and ask You to either - Update or Cancel - Neither will help.

    If You Update - one of many errors is that all Chapters will point back to Chapter one.

    And many more things goes wrongly.

    Medicine - Start a brand NEW iDVD project and re-do it’s lay-out and structure.

    alt. suggested - In the iDVD movie menu - trash movies and then clean Media Assets

    - then re-import movie. Is said to work and can save some times and efforts


    iDVD 11 (7.1.0) (2010-10-21) (7.1.2 2011-07-14)

    may be some bugs are corrected

    ∆ Go back and up-date BUG - ?

    ∆ Chapter BUG !”#€%&/()=?`etc. (do only use A to Z and 0 to 9 - no other symbols/Letters

    ∆ 4:3 resp 16:9 - keep in format BUG? ?

    Some compatibility might be corrected - as - iMovie’11 project to iDVD 09 - doesn’t deliver a good result.

    Especially if photos is included in movie.


    Apple do not believe in DVD or BD - only published via internet - no Privacy any more ! !

    alt is Roxio Toast™ 11 Pro with BD-component - and You’ll keep on producing !


    Yours Bengt W

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    Thank you for your advice. I have obtained a disc from Apple and am now continuing to work on my project.