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iTunes match uploaded none of the music from my Mac Pro, which is where most of my albums are stored.  I am not even close to the limit, the computer is authorized, match is turned on, etc.  What possibly could cause this?  I did just download Mavericks--could that be it?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 (16,785 points)

    More details, please. What do you mean iTunes Match "uploaded none of the music from" your MBP?

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    Well, it seemed to upload it, but none of it appears on my other computers' iTunes.  I have a hard time believing that there is no match for Radiohead, the Beach Boys, and Steely Dan, among other things.  So the content on this computer alone seemed invisible to Match.  There are alot of other things in the Pro iTunes U, podcasts, etc. and granted I have a basic idea of what Match is supposed to do, but isn't this sort of odd?

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    First things first: in iTunes enable the iCloud status column and tell us what the status is for some of the tracks that are not showing up on the other devices. Enable the column by pulling down View > View Options and selecting "iCloud Status" then closing the small window.


    FYI, iTunes Match is only for music (and music videos purchased from the iTunes Store). Podcasts are not supported.

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    All my music will show up via I tunes match on IOS devices and my mac air ,but will not show up on my imac desktop.  I can not figure out why

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    Michael, thanks.  I checked this and other settings, and I discovered that home sharing was not enabled on my mac pro.  I did this, and then my library was an option to load in other mac devices.  It will not, however, load on my PC iTunes, and I suspect this is a firewall issue with Windows 8, because it worked once and then shut down on me (i.e., there is no library option in the drop down list in the upper left of the iTunes page).  Windows 8 has a program incompatibility wizard, but...so it will take while, but eventually we will figure it out. 

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    Good. Glad you got it (mostly) sorted out.