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Most of my 3rd party apps (Ableton, Logic, Chrome, Spotify) either don't launch at all, or take about 5-20 minutes to launch. The apps bounce for a few minutes then hang 'still' with nothing happening. I just installed a BRAND NEW hard drive and reinstalled mavericks and it's still doing the same thing (the issue started in Snow Leopard, if anyone is wondering). I had the genius people run overnight diagnostics and all the hardware checks out fine. Other than this one issue, my computer seems to run perfectly. I just cant open 3rd party programs.... Thus, i can't work.

Again, i've installed a brand new hard drive and did a fresh install of OSX... Also, i have 8gb of ram, so i tried taking each of the 4gb ram sticks out one at a time and tested it (in case the ram was bad), nothing helped.


If ANYONE has any insight into what might be happening, let me know!!!



Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)