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In settings, Facebook says I need password for a account. When I enter it, it says error signing in, cannot communicate with server.  I have tried reset all settings, erased ipad and started fresh, I restored again and again. Nothing seems to work.

  Went through iTunes and deleted app and redownloaded. App. Nothing ever works.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, Facebook error connecting to server
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    Just an FYI. I called Apple support. I spoke with a tech who had to send emails to the top top troubleshooters. I even sent him screenshots of the error because they had no info of this error.  He promised he would work on this and call me back.  I have his number and email.  Well he called me four times and then forgot about me completely. They could not figure it out.  Now, my son's ipad is erroring. It stinks that I am on my own.