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Opinikons Please


What is the best, lowest price mointor for early 2009 iMac?



OS X Mavericks (10.9)
  • Rudegar Level 7 (25,525 points)

    would pretty much depend on the country one live in I suppose


    imacs don't use special monitors any computer monitor will work as along as it have

    subD(vga), dvi or hdmi input likely also displayport

    one needs a converter though


    I use a dell 24" it was dirt cheap back then likely cheaper these days

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    Thanks Rudegar.  The problem is my iMac covertoer went away and I cannot afford to have it replaced but I though a moitor would do.  Live in USA.  Nearly blind and need a monitor I can see (lighter screen needed).  Looked at Dells and they seem to be OK but so do a lot of them.  Only need a 20-22" screen.  The plan is to get a moini mac eventually (desk space i a premium around here) so would need a monitor that is good for thaty too.  Hve all the periferals I need and just need to have a good monitor to put in place.