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Qicktime is fragmenting some of my files-   I upgraded to Mavericks.   I have been to the genius bar. The corrupted files pay on other Macs without a problem. This has never happened to me bofore. I have over a million quicktime files and this happens only 1% of the time.

  Here is what I have done so far:-

1 Reinstalled quicktime 7 pro

2 Reinstalled Mavericks

3 Deleted unnecessary Codecs.

4 Tried exporting QT files in H264 Format  -- still corrupted.

5 Removed illegal naming  in the title of the slide.

6 Checked and repaired permissions.


The genius bar has been unable to help 


Still the files are corrupted. If I change the files by exporting into Mpeg4 and then reconvert them to QT  they play, but at MPeg 4 resolution.

  I can oten the corrupted files in Many other apps like VLC and Wondersare as wellas Mpeg streamclip.

   I need these files and Quicktime resolution for my Keynote programs.  I have about 1000 of these, so this is a big problem for me.



Incidentally  I do not use Keynote 6 as if is gining losts of problems, but the Keynote 5.9 is doong the same thing so it is the quicktime file.


   The presnetations work well on other computers So it appears to be a corruption fo the Quicktime  files themselves.  

Can some one help me with this vexing problem?


Norman S

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2012)