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My location bar just disappeared. In Safari under file the"open location" is not bold. What happen? How do I correct this problem. I am connected to the internet and using other browsers but I like the Safari because it's faster.

PowerMac10,1, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Hi 00seven,

    In Safari Under "View " Hide Address bar does that say "Show Address" if so click on it. Though I do not understand why show location is greyed out & not bold. Perhaps you need to customise Address bar,okay I just removed mine and show location is greyed, so yes "Customize the Address bar"

    Does that help? Let us know .

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    No that's not the answer. When I click on the "show address bar" it hides the location bar and when I click on "hide location bar" there is still no URL bar or location bar. The "open location" in file is still grey. This is wired. Do I need to reinstall. I've never seen this before abd there is not note of error.
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    Hi 00seven,

    Did you try Eme's second suggestion?

    Perhaps you need to customise Address bar,okay I just removed mine and show location is greyed, so yes "Customize the Address bar"

    View menu -> Customize Address Bar...

    That should allow you to drag the URL entry field back onto the Address Bar.

    If that works for you, thanks go to Eme

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    I am having a problem with the "customize address bar". When I open it I am not sure what to drag where. It states, to drag your favorite item into the toolbar or drag default set. Don't quit understand that command because I don't have a toolbar on my safari, where is the default set. All the four window bars has "go to this address" and "google" and they are grey and I can't type anything in them. Where do I get these items to drag to or from to put in my customize bar? Please explain because this is mind-boggling.
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    00seven, sorry for the boggling i can relate, let me tell you !!

    With Safari open -> Go to the " View "drop down menu

    [ See the ] " Customise Toolbar "Click on the command :

    The Big Customize Toolbar Drop down Opens,

    See ->The Toolbar called "Default Toolbar" click on that ( holding down on the mouse )

    and drag it up to "The Actual Safari Window that you want it to be on"

    Then click on the other items you want, because you have only the Default Bar so far, with out the other goods and

    drag those up to the actually Safari toolbar that you want them, on one by one.

    You can rearrange them in the order You Want when the Drop down "Customize tool bar " Dropdown is Open " only & by simply moving iitems around as you like.

    I hope this helps make it clearer. Please let us know if it helps, I hope so.

    Cheers!! ( back to sleepytime for me ; )


    p.s Thank you iBod always generous .