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as the subject line says, I rebooted to try and fix issue with last update using system restore. It worked that day now all I get when I click on tv shows is a black screen

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    Hey brotherbattle,


    Are you experiencing this in iTunes for Windows when you try and play TV shows? If so, try the troubleshooting steps in this link:


    Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows 7 video playback performance issues



    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!


    Have a good one,


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    I'm having the same issue, and none of the troubleshooting helped.


    Running Windows 7 Professional, iTunes My movie files are definitely on the HD (I can right-click and say "show in explorer" and they're there). But when I run them:


    -The screen is black.

    -No audio.

    -For some movies, the timeline moves forward. For others, I hit "play" and the "pause" button appears for a second, and then flips back to "play"


    Very frustrating. I can't access my movie or TV library. Both have the same issue.

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    I am having the same trouble. The description by IAmDeanTate sounds just like mine. Everything worked fine 2 days ago. I'm using Windows 7 home premium.

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    I've now tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Quicktime and iTunes. Problem persists.


    I noticed something else strange: sometimes the movie title in the control bar (at top of the screen) is incorrect. For example, I opened up "Darjeeling Limited" and the title read "Drive" (which is another movie in my library, and sits right next to Darjeeling).


    Is anyone looking into this? Very frustrating to have your entire library (potentially worth a lot of money) just vanish...

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    I found a workaround. It appears that if you delete a move/TV show from your library (right click -> delete) and then go to iTunes Store -> Purchases -> redownload the content, it'll work then.


    It *****, but it works. I've got a lot of redownloading to do.


    The only thing I can think of that I did weirdly with my library was to copy my iTunes media folder to my new PC when I upgraded. If I remember correctly, that's when things went weird for me. This included that if I clicked on a movie that (on my old PC) I'd partially watched, the movie would try to play from that location. Always thought it was strange that that information was carried over from the old PC, in my media folder. Makes sense. But I wonder if it's a clue as to what's going wrong here? I'm grasping at straws here, but anyways...

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    Oh, and I should *also* point out that movies which were carried over from that old PC in my iTunes media folder which were *not* purchased through iTunes have always worked just fine. Eg. I have a digital copy of "Fantastic Mr. Fox" that doesn't have any issues and never did.

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    I installed the newest edition of ITunes, and now my videos purchased from the ITunes store work. Go figure!

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    I tried everything that Support suggested and nothing worked. Tried everything suggested on forums and nothing worked. I downloaded the latest version and now eveything works. Must have been a glitch in the last version of iTunes...

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    Actually turns out I was wrong in my post above, a bunch of my movies still won't run. And I'm all up to date with itunes.

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    And wow...is it correct that you can't contact itunes support unless the issue you're seeing is occuring on Apple hardware? To get support, you need to provide the hardware serial number:




    What nonsense. I've spent hundreds of dollars on itunes content that I can't access, and I can't get support because I'm trying to access it on non-Apple HW?

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    So it has been months now, and I still have this issue, even after upgrading this morning to iTunes version


    Is anyone else experiencing it still? It's kind of ridiculous to have gone months now without being able to access all the content I paid for on my PC.

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    I'm completely at my wits end with this now.


    I tried doing a completely fresh install of itunes. Delected my media library (backed it up on a different HD).


    Finished the new install, downloaded my movies again, including some I'd never downloaded on this computer before.


    They *still* don't work! Nothing but a black screen.


    Come on Apple, no reply here, just radio silence? What is going on? I spent all of this money on content and now *poof* I just can't access it anymore?