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I'm not talking about my old iphoto not working. I'm saying that since I have cleaned installed Mavericks iPhoto is simply not there and the only option Apple Store allows me is to buy the app? Are you serious? I have for as long as I remember having apple computers I've used iPhoto. All my life in photos is in my iPhoto library. I own 4 mac computers and iphone and ipad and I have no right to download a copy of iPhoto?


This surely must be some sort of mistake of the appstore not recognicing my account or something...
I already lost hundreds of apps purchased in my US account when I decided to move to Europe because apple was imcapable of consolidating my accounts and now this?


Please help
Thanks Mikki

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    I'm pretty shocked that having an apple dream steup with multiple computers and peripherals I can't do something as simple as use iphoto which syncs my iphones and ipad photos.... Why did I buy these producst if they don't work for these basic functions? Might as well just get a SAMSUNG... At least I will be able to sync photos...

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    Tell you what, if you stop telling us what you feel and focus on giving us some useful information, we might be able to help.


    You erased your hard drive. You therefore erased iPhoto. You installed the OS and are somehow surprised that there is no iPhoto. iPhoto is not part of the OS. Never has been.


    What version of iPhoto did you have?

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    I can't open my iPhoto libraries wth years of photos...
    I can't make one single photo with my iPhone because it is full of photos and I can't download my icloud stream to iPhoto because... Oh yeah.. Apple has decided I don't own a copy of iPhoto...

    Todays trip to the zoo with my daughter wont generate any photos thanks...

    I'm not trolling or anything like that. I'm being completely serious


    Please help

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    Here is the info.. Is pretty simple..


    I use to have iPhoto, now I don't after installing Mavericks
    I know iphoto is not part of the OS... I had bought iPhoto before. And before that it did come in the OS... I still can't download it from the appstore unless I buy it again.


    I don't know what version I was using last. I have my system always up to date so I'm sure it must be the previous to the one now

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    Apple has decided no such thing. You decided to erase your hard disk without thinking about how you might re-install your apps. You did that. No one else.


    If you ghad iPhoto 11 then you don't have to buy it again. You log into the App Storte with your Apple ID and look under your purchases list.


    And you can get the images of your phone with Image Capture (in the Applications Folder)

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    Please tell us the version of iPhoto that you erased. We need to know the version number and how you iPhoto originally installed to help you, to find a way to restore it. without information there is nothing we can do other than sympathise with the fix you are in.

    • Did you buy iPhoto on an iLife install disk? Then use this disk to reinstall.
    • Did you buy it from the AppStore? Then look at the "Purchased" tab, after signing in with the account you used to buy iPhoto.
    • Or did iPhoto come preinstalled on one of your macs? If it came with a mac sold with MacOS X Lion or later, iPhoto should be available at the AppStore, with the account you used to set-up your Mac. You should see it at the  "Purchased" tab - you may need to "Accept" it.
    • If iPhoto came preinstalled on a Mac that sold with Snowleopard, you will find it on one of the installation disks for bundled applications that came with the macs.


    If the iPhoto version you own is not iPhoto '11 but an earlier version of iPhoto, it cannot be updated for free to a version that is fully compatible with Mavericks - you will have to upgrade, and that requires buying the upgraded iPhoto from the AppStore.


    Is iPhoto the only program that you lost by clean installing? If there are more applications missing, where you cannot locate the installers or serial numbers, it would be preferable to revert to the previous version from your Time Machine backup (only possible, if you have made a full backup before upgrading), and then upgrade regularly, without wiping out everything. A clean install is only necessary in an emergency, if you are experiencing serious problems with a corrupted system.

    See, if you can revert to your previous system:  OS X Mavericks: Revert to a previous OS X version


    -- Léonie

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    Wielen Dank Léonie!


    I was able to install iPhoto 9.5.1 from "purchases" like you said.

    From anyother place in the AppStore it wanted me to buy it, but from purchases I was able to simply download.

    Terrance you miss the point. I know I decided to erase the disc. That was my intention. It wasn't my intention that apple wanted to charge me again for iPhoto


    Thanks again

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    You are welcome. Enjoy your day at the Zoo.

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    And you miss the point: Apple didn't want to charge you again. The point is that you didn't know how to use the App Store and then assumed that Apple wanted all sorts of things. But you assumed wrong.