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A few weeks ago my inlaws asked me to do a clean install of Mavericks for them having had several issues from the Mountain Lion to Mavericks an upgrade.

Disk Utility also had problems with the drive. 


So I sugguested to my inlaws I would take their boot SSD drive from their Mac Pro and put it into my Mac Pro, back up their files on their external G-Drive and do a clean install, using their Apple id to install Mavericks and all their software.


They are having problems with their email provider but luckily have their own domain name, so I was looking at their icloud account considering whether to forward their domain name email address to icloud, as much easier to access over several iOS and Mac devices.


However, when doing this at our house, I noticed on their iCloud account - Find My Phone (that not only their Mac Pro is showing, but also the name and location of mine.  Testing to see if I could lock my Mac Pro on their Apple ID but on my Mac Pro, I realised I could.  My Mac has now restarted and just a white screen with a grey flashing folder with a question mark.


I take it I need to reinstall my inlaws SSD back in my Mac for it to work again. 


So, I used my Mac to do the clean install, but everything on the clean install had my inlaws apple id used. 


Is there any way of fixing this, so my Mac does not show up on my inlaws id or be associated with it.  Just thinking, if their Mac got hacked into, someone could try and hack into mine.  Might be being OTT, but just trying to proect all possibililities 


My initial thought / fix, would be to put their SSD back into mine so hopefully get my Mac working again.  Then to do a clean install on their SSD in their Mac Pro, so all sorted?


Any help or suggestions would be really apprecated.


Many thanks


Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)