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I am running OS 10.8.5.version 2.1.1


I cannot seem to change the picture with each chapter of my book like I did in the first version of this when it came out 2 years ago.


How do I do that so I can have a different photograph for each chapter of my book?


I was able to just place a different picture for each chapter there but now when I place the picture in there the same photo goes in every chapter, I think that is odd.

iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
  • vinnyvg Level 4 (1,865 points)

    If you are talking about the  TOC page for each Chapter,  on the right of screen is/was a palceholder blank,  your should have  dropped your own images in that place, if so, you simply change the picture by dropping  your new image on top of the old.

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    Thanks for responding.


    Well that's how it used to befor this latest update. What happens now is once I place a picture in chapter one that same picture is now on all13 chapters on the TOC.


    So how I over  write that and get the photograph that corresponds with the chapter I have in my book?

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    I suggest you duplicate your book and work on the copy.


    Open the copy and select and  delete every image you placed on the right side of the TOC page, that done drop an image on teh right of Chapter 1 TOC page. Do not pull it any larger than 50% page width.

    Repeat with a different image Chapter 2.


    Also check the  Chapter pages.


    When you choose a chapter which has its own  image as you say, the same image appears in TOC


    Check the results.


    When you add a new chapter, are you selecting  the same one or are you customising your template to  have  individual chapter layouts. Its possible the defaults are applying to every chapter your create from the same tempate


    Work in the copy until you have a solution.. it saves repeated changes to your project book.

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    I will try your suggestion tomorrow as it's getting near the end of the day here.


    However what I did with each chapter is the following.


    1. went to add a pages. then to chapter, and then to chapter text. I did that for all 14 of my chapters.


    I created each and everyone of my chapters and then when I was done I went to place images in the TOC.


    The photograph that I use has always in the past fill the spot that was put in the TOC. I never worried about the size of the image cause I've never wasn't issue in the first version of iBook authors.


    I also checked and this issue has been going on now for the last two years and I have yet to find a solution for the last two years on this forum. It looks like this may be an Apple issue.


    Are you able to create a book with several chapters that allow the TOC to have a different photograph for each of those chapters?


    The next solution I was going to do is start from scratch and add everything like I didn't my first book and see if I can add a table of content photograph as I go along and see if that makes a difference. I seriously doubt that it will. I think this is a software flaw when they updated to this latest version.


    I'm one of the biggest Apple fans out there. But I think Apple blew it again this new version of their software as they did with Pages as with iMovie. I hope they see the light and fix these problems because this is a wonderful program and I will see how this is going to work unless they do update that fixes the problem with the software.


    I seriously hope that I'm wrong and that you or some other smarter person has a workaround solution as I would be happy to use it if it actually would work.


    My two books were some of the first books published a month after this program was initiated when it first came out. This was never a problem with that first program. Could possibly be that I'm working with this in OS 10.8.5?


    I have no plans to move to Maverick at this point simply because I have some other issues that have to be worked on with third-party software & hardware.


    In any case I'll wait for some further wisdom on this perplexing problem.

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    This is a test I made uisning the Cookbook template.


    Add two more of the green chapter,  so in the TOC  eack page had the same picture..which I  replaced with mine. Saved it, checked preview in iPad and Mac.


    Also, you really need to check and resize images if they do not comply with the  accepted sizes... i.e. 768 x 1024, 1546 x 2048 maximum


    Is this what you want to do.....1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg

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    I used the Portrait Only the Classic Text one


    Try one with this template and see if you can get it to change.


    On the phone with Apple care now and they have the same issue...


    Will Post what I find out from them...

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    Just got off the phone with the Apple support people and after 45 minutes they say that this feature is no longer available in 2.1.1 anymore.


    So we are now stuck with the same photograph for every chapter of our book if we use that particular one that I'm using and the rest of them in that area.


    I'm not sure how many people will read this however we need as many people that see this to write to and tell them to bring this feature back on the next update.


    This goes along with taking out making iDVD out of the new iMovie for those of us who love to make DVDs still in this day and age. And all lost items they took out of Pages.


    I sure hope they fix this because a colorful peacock picture of every chapter of the books I write would be a good addition to such a beautiful colorful book. Now that it is no longer possible until there's an update if there is ever want to include a different photograph for each table of content picture.


    So looks like this subject matter is dead for all future purposes until they change it to make it work.

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    Thanks for the update.


    I am left thinking that if it was a removed option, how come its took so long for them tell you, they must have  lists of what is and is not an option on the application in front of them!


    I never use portrait only templates, but I will run some checks.

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    You think they would know this at the iTunes connect free support 877-206-2092.


    The gal was very nice she had asked her senior adviser as they probably didn't even tell the staff that this was an issue.


    I find it odd that I discovered this and no one else's had this issue but me.  I'm sure that's not true what I just said, but I am sure many people had the same issue and just stop using it or do what I do,  keep the same picture for each table of contents Chapter..

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    Tried the Classic template.

    The  TOC placeholders cannot be deleted.  I  reduced in size and drag one of my images onto the  page.

    It  updates the other test chapters TOC page with that image.


    I  tried to emulate Chapter 2 which uses the picture   which is heading Chp 2, as a background in the TOC,  no amount of moving or changing  things makes any difference.   The  software is  made to take one image and place on all TOC.


    I tried locking the  placeholders and dragging a diferent picture on teh page and locking that....


    Nothing  make any difference.. I put 2 pictures on 1 chapter.... it appeared on the 4 test chapters  in TOC.


    So it looks like Apple have  changed it and  as you found.... one image is used on all pages...

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    So no workaround is what I was expecting & hoping for one as sometimes you can find a good workaround.


    You're very creative and I appreciate what you did looking into it.


    I guess people just have to write and tell them that they want TOC to have different pictures for each chapter of their project.


    Thanks for all you did.

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    Send feedback to  Apple may  help.


    As yet because int not a case of moving objects...  finding a workaround is virtually impossible....


    Good luck  with your books...

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    I sent feedback to Apple yesterday. And also will send some more emails and call Apple at their headquarters sometime in the next week.


    Software program is excellent and second to none. However I wish Apple would fix these problems so that we can all make money, they on the 30% and me on my books that I published.


    Good luck on all your book projects as well.


    My two books are listed on the links below.


    Vol. 1
    Vol. 2

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    Just  downloaded the samples.. they look great...   perfect for a photo only, with  captions book !


    Just a thought,    as  for these you  used landscape.... why not copy the  content of your portrait book over to a new LS template.  Fact is most of Apples free templates are text only with the odd illustration.

    Most folk using iPads are by now happy to stay in LS mode and most people  prefer not to keep swing the  iPad arround.

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