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I am wondering how to best 'fool' the filesystemhandlers to do this:


I have several volumes that I ended up merging, and I was wondering if anyone would suggest a way to mount directories as logical volumes, to recover pointer information: Many programmes (such as iTunes, and some other critial programmes, such as my fontmanager) use *volume labels* as their pointers, that I do not want to fix in every instance (as thereare far too many), so for example, a directory that used to be at:


..is now at:



I would like to do something clever, like making a symlink as such:


/Volumes/Disk1a1 (the symlink) pointing to /Volumes/Disk1a0/Disk1a1


...then edit /etc/fstab or whatever else I need to edit to make a mount point for the symlink, and mount it as a logical volume, using the symlink pointer in /Volumes to redirect to it.


Has anyone done this on OSX?


I know I can do it on Linux/Solaris, but OSX is a bit different in many ways: Most of what I have seen on the subject covers remote volumes via SMB, or similar, but this is a local device, and I want to mount directories on it as additional logical (local) volumes (e.g. virtual volumes) instead of partitioning the device.


I am also thinking of playing around with R/W DMGs and automounting those, if I have no other way. I'm wondering if this slows down anything, for as long as I use uncompressed DMG files, I'm not sure how much in terms of system resources is wasted by mounting (and accessing) them.


I have my reasons for doing this, including allowing mixed case-insensitive and CaSe-SenSitive volumes to coexist on the same volume without partitioning it, as it would allow me easy access to certain kinds of volumes that I do not often need, that I can mount via any source, including network mounts, external media mounts, etc..


Aye, I could repartition the device, and I will need to do this to fix the fact that I formatted it as CaSe-SenSitive, a format that Adobe never accepted. In an ideal world, my OS boot partition will be case-insensitive, my /Users directories CaSe-SenSitive, and my (previous) additional volumes merely local directories with a virtual mount point, or DMGs with a logical mount point.


The most critical part is if I can create mount points in fstab for directories via symlinks, or some similar method.


I also have some doubts about if Adobe SW will yammer at me if the /Users/username path is on a CaSe-SenSitive volume structure, or if it only matters that its main support frameworks and application datum are on a case-insensitive volume. Time shall tell me, either way. I would rather not need to modify every filename in the Adobe.pkg/Adobe.app files; and yes, other systems will be launching Adobe programmes via the server as a shared resource, or can run them via a VDT if the server CPUs and local resources (e.g. SAS 15K dswap rives) are desired for rendering operations. (Too bad there is no truly global 'fool all of Adobe CS3' fix for 10.5.x: Maybe one day I will write some scripts to do that, covering every CS3 component, instead of just the basic three...)


I appreciate any guiding hand in this matter... Thank you for reading.




Xserve, Mac OS X (10.5.8)