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Hello, I recently came across a 2001 Titanium PowerBook G4. I booted it up to the floder with the question mark, and out of querosity used linux on a cd to see if it would boot up to linux. But to my dismay the disk drive does not want to accept the disk and just spits it back out! So whats my next option? I have heard of Target Disk Mode, but I dont know what to do to start that process. I have a MacBook Pro 13", and a 2005 Dual PowerMac G5. Would any of these work in Target Disk Mode? PS I was hoping to use 10.3 but how would 10.4 work on this laptop?


PowerBook G4 Specs:

400MHZ PowerPc G4

512MB of Ram

3.5 GIG HDD (40-80 GIG HDD's are cheap now days, not a problem)

ATI Rage 8MB



PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.1.x), Broke...