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Hi folks,

I came across the solution to this problem over on the Microsoft website and it instantly cured my problems. Here are the steps:

The solution is to make sure you stop the usb device prior to unplug. not just ejecting from itunes but stopping the usb itself.
How to fix
- Turn off computer.
- Plug ipod into usb
- Then you must reset your ipod... don't worry it won't wipe anything out.To reset move the hold button ( on top of the ipod) once to hold then back to original position. Then press and hold the center button and the top menu button at the same time for 6 seconds.
- Start computer and it should install the usb driver for the ipod automatically.
- Your ipod will say do not unplug so don't.
- Then open itunes and it will be there and you are good to go.
Just remeber to not only eject ipod from itunes but stop usb.
Go to the program icons near the clock and right click the usb icon and "safely remove hardware" will appear and click it. stop it and select " apple ipod"

IBM, Windows XP Pro
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    Well... it worked ONCE! At least it allowed me to reset the iPOD. After disconnection, the ipod is no longer recognized by the operating system, whether I use this procedure or not. :-((( I can't believe there is no real information on this problem anywhere here.

    Shall I buy a Mac or simply hurl this Mini towards a solid surface?

    Suggestions, anyone?
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    Hello Mark, thanks for your reply. Yes, I have been through all those points in the articles but without success. I have just been through your process but do not arrive at the end with the proper results. Hardware Manager identifies the iPOD as "Unknown Storage Device" to which a microsoft driver has been assigned by the operating system. Hardware manager characterises this as "operating correctly".

    Following your instructions, I was able to find usbstor.inf in C:\Windows\inf. When I tried to update the driver to usbstor.inf in the ADD Hardware manager, the response I get indicates that a better driver than the one currently assigned, could not be found.

    I think I may be close to a solution here but I may be missing a key ingredient. Does the above suggest anything at all to you?

    It is interesting perhaps that the system and itunes recognized the ipod one time only...


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    In case it helps point to the solution, here are the steps I am taking and what I am seeing:
    1. Disconnect iPOD, toggle the hold button on/off and manually reset the device.
    2. Delete "Unknown Device" in Device Manager.
    3. Uninstall iPOD and iTunes software.
    4. Reboot computer
    5. Install iPOD and iTUNES software
    6. Open iTUNES
    7. Run iPOD software - connect the iPOD when instructed to do so.
    Windows finds unknown USB device - installs the driver and announces successful installation and hardware ready for use. :-)))
    5-6 seconds later Windows announces USB device not recognized, that a device malfunction has occurred and am advised and Windows is unable to recognize it. :-(((

    To Note: a. Assigning usbstore.inf as the driver for the the iPOD doesn't "take". The assignment ends without error message but going back and checking indicates no driver assigned to the device.
    b. USB mouse, keyboard and flash drive all work and are recognized by the system. I have not been using the flash drive with the ipod to avoid complications.
    c. I managed (once) to connect it with the iPOD software, have it recognized in iTunes and transferred music to the device. Unable to reconnect ever since.
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