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Hello all,
I finally got my script running correctly and I can see the front page of my iTunesU site(Yay!). But I am getting an irritating error message, and what is unusual are the circumstances under which I see the error message and the circumstances under which I do NOT see the error message. Allow me to elaborate.
Scenario #1
I have iTunes open on my computer. I go to the login page I created on my school's website and login. I watch as the "Music Store" page on iTunes gives way to the front page of my iTunesU site. Perfection! This is the behavior I want!
Scenario #2
I DO NOT have iTunes open on my computer. I go to the login page I created on my school's website and login. I watch as iTunes begins to open and then spits out this error message:

"iTunes could not connect to the Music Store. An unknown error occurred. Make sure your network connection is active and try again."

There is also an error number attached to the error message but it changes from time to time with no explanation. Here is the strange part. If I just hit "OK" on the error message my iTunesU site opens fine.

I've tried this on my home and work computers and a friend's computer and the behavior is the same. Moreover I surfed over to the Stanford iTunesU login page: http://itunes.stanford.edu/ and I get the same behavior(which pretty much rules out in my mind that it is a problem with my script).

I guess it isn't a huge deal. Worse comes to worse we can tell the students and faculty, if you see an error message from iTunes just hit "OK". But I'm rolling out this slick new iTunesU site and this error message is like a scratch in the paint job. Plus my boss is looking over my shoulder like "what's that error?" and it is starting to detract from the computer whiz kid image I've worked so hard to cultivate

My possible suspects are:
iTunes - (Went over to the iTunes discussion board and a lot of people report similar error messages when trying to get into the Music Store but I couldn't find anyone who said hitting "OK" made it possible to proceed)
My script -(seems unlikely since Stanford has the same problem)
The configuration on the computers I've tested it on - (But I've tested it on three different computers!)
iTunesU - If this is the problem I'm hoping you people can help me.

So has anyone else experienced this?
Try to login into your iTunesU page with and without iTunes already open. See any error messages or weird behavior?
Try the same thing on Stanford's site: http://itunes.stanford.edu/

If you can repeat my result then post it here so Apple will know this is an issue. If you can't repeat my result then post it here so that I might know I need to look elsewhere for the problem.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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    We at Florida Tech have had the same problem on Mac and PC. However, it started about 4 weeks after we finished the authentication code. The problem lasted for around 2 weeks and has now stopped. We experianced the problem on Stanfords site and our iTunes U site.
  • Ken Newquist Level 1 Level 1
    I'm seeing this error on some, but not all, of my Windows XP machines. On my personal development XP box, I see this error if iTunes is closed when I try and access iTunes U via my transfer script or Stanford's.

    "iTunes could not connect to the Music Store. The network connection was terminated unexpectedly. Make sure your network connection is active and try again."

    The errors occured in IE 7 Beta, Firefox 1.5.x, and Firefox 2 Beta. In each case, iTunes U loaded after I clicked the 'ok' button in iTunes. I did notice that in Firefox's case an additional pop-up window appeared that asked whether or not I had iTunes; when I selected that I do have itunes, it transfered me to iTunes but generated the error.

    After getting these errors on my Windows XP machine, I tried it on two different lab machines running Windows XP, and didn't get the error message once -- I tried it in IE 6, Firefox 1.0.x and Firefox 1.5.x and they all worked. It even worked with IE 7 Beta and Vista Beta.

    Based on this, I think the problem must lie in how Windows registered iTunes, and the handshake just isn't happening properly.

    Ken Newquist
    Lafayette College