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I bought a 2013 retina Macbook pro 13" about a month ago.

I am running a VM with Windows 7 on it, and CPU is typically fairly busy. I got curious and started monitoring the temperatures and was surprised that the CPU temp is always quite high, certainly higher than anything in close proximity to it. Everyhting is around 30-40c but CPU is never below 50C at 99% idle. At 50% idle it hovers around 85 to 90C and will be around 100C at full speed. having followed a few threads, I realised that it might be possible and acceptable, but what puzzles me is that the machine is absolutely cool the the touch and I cannot feel any hot air coming out of it. My Macbook unibody 2008 was blowing like a hairdryer in similar conditions and the body was hot to the touch, getting unconfortable if resting on my legs in the sofa. Is it possbile that the new sensor is inaccurate, or that iStat is not able to interpret the right value? I can't make sense why the laptop would be apparently so cool while the CPU is at 100C. Where is the heat going?



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)