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A few years ago (pre-Apple App store) I received a digital download of ARD Admin 3.6.1 from Apple, as the DVD installer quit working on version 10.whatever. Fast forward to today, and I am trying to install 3.6.1 digitally on my shiny new Mac Pro (can you even call it a tower anymore?), and the installer keeps upchucking at the very end. Digging through the logs, the only appreciable bit of data I can find is this :


"Cannot install on volume / because it is disabled."


Near as I can tell, the 3.6.1 installer doesn't meet some requirement or hurdle that exists in Mavericks. I received the digital version from Apple because the DVD version quit working because of OS upgrades, now the digital version is no longer working.  So where do I go from here? I am really going to be upset if I have to throw down the full price of ARD *again* (this will be like the third time) for what is, essentially, the same program.


*RANT ON*  I know I am far from alone in tiring of Apple treating ARD like a rented, red-headed step-mule. Why does Apple allow such craptacular, yet necessary, software to exist? This software is, hands down, the most un-Apple thing in the history of Apple. Apple should either devote the resources (God knows they can afford it) to make ARD world-class, or just kill it off already and let a third-party come in and do it better. *RANT OFF*

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    This is Apple's support article regarding installing the older (installer media) versions of ARD Admin on the newer OSes. The article is for Lion but does work for 10.8 and 10.9 as I've used the steps outlined many times:




    An important point to remember is to run Software Update immediately after copying the application to your Applications folder. What you could do is download the update prior to extracting the Admin application. That way you'll have it ready. You may have to download previous updates first?





    The other important point to remember is to leave the application where it is and not be tempted to move it.

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    Thanks, Antonio. That got me to the point I have ARD on the Mac Pro, but running Software Update immediately after the install was a bust. Manually downloading the 3.6.1 Admin update was also a bust. Despite the version on my Mac Pro being 3.5.1, the 3.6.1 update refuses to install by reason of the ARD Admin app being "newer". Having no other choice, I have now moved on to the 3.7.1 Admin update. It looks as though that one will install.


    Closer than I was, but still a long way off.

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    Ok, 3.7.1 Admin Update installed. I finally got the new install to accept my old serial number and it looks like I am flying. Thank you again, Antonio.


    Now if only Apple would join the 21st century and make migrating between machines easier than the PITA project it is now. No wonder I waited six years for a new computer. It's all coming back to me now.

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    FYI - New operating systems always require compatibility updates of Apple Remote Desktop, so it's no wonder that anything prior to ARD 3.7 would run on Mavericks. Be aware of this in the future and save yourself some headaches. Software Update should prompt you, but you can always just grab the manual retail admin updater.