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I have a 2011 MBP 13. 

I have been using the Apple min DVI to VGA adapter to mirror the display to a wide screen Samsung for my classes.  That works well.

I would like to do the same with our 42" Panasonic Plasma monitor at home.

So I bought a PNY mini Display to HDMI adapter.

I have an HDMI cable setup for our Apple TV box.  That works very well.

But when I plug this HDMI cable into the mini DVI to Hdmi adapter out of the MBP, nothing happens.  When I go in the Display Prefs, it does not notice that I have plugged an external monitor like it does when I plug in the VGA cable in.  It only show the laptop display with no option to look for another one.


Do I need to do something special for the MBP to recognize the HDMI monitor?  I've tried chanign the resolution as was suggested by another post on this board but that did not make any difference.


If all else fails, I will have to order a VGA cable but that seems a shame since the MBP is supposed to support mini DVI to HDMI.


Thank you for any help.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Thank you racktack.


    But at $35 and a 1.5 rating out of 5, it doesn' look too enticing...

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    I thought if it didn't not work Apple had a good return policy.


    I have a Cablesson adapter that I sometimes use with my Mid 2010 13inch MacBook Pro, I have just tried it and it worked first time with Mavericks and a cheap TV at 1080p resolution. When setup the Sys Pref/display changed to show the adapter and it also showed in the sound, the display was auto the sound I just need  to select the Cablesson.


    However if the device was not connected to the TV just the adapter plugged into the Mac nothing was detected in sys prefs. Is it possible that you need a different cable, yes I know it should work but if you have another it may be worth a try. Other than that is it possible to change the resolution on the TV and try that.


    I don't know what to say further than mine just works which is no help to you.

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    Thanks again racktack.


    Yes, trying a different adapter should be the next step.  Since it is a brand new one from a "semi well known" brand I thought it was reasonable to expect that it worked.


    But as I said, when I plug it in, (with the full connection to the TV of course), nothing reacts in the Prefs/Display panel, indicating that the computer is not sensing the presence of the monitor.  It's not on the monitor side because if I unplug the hdmi cable from the adapter and plug it in my AppleTV, that shows up perfectly.



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    Just one thought you could try the PRAM and SMC reset, instructions on the Apple web site, just do web search will find them for your computer.

    If you had another cable it would be easy to try, there are threads on the forum about this problem. Not sure what the answer is, probably a few different ones.

    Hope you get it fixed.