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I traveled to the Central Time zone last week, and reset the date/time setting on my Wi-Fi only iPad 4th gen to CST.  I made, edited, and deleted calendar entries while away.  When I returned to the Pacific Time zone, I changed my settings back to "Set Automatically".  But the iPad insists on keeping Central Time even though it says "Cupertino" under the Date and Time setting.  The iPad itself appears to have correct Pacific time, but when I open Calendar all my entries are shown as off by two hours and the hour marked in Calendar is shown as Central time (two hours ahead of the hour shown I the top bar of the iPad).  I've tried setting Date and Time to San Francisco, setting it back to automatic (which annoyingly shows up as 'Cupertino'), double clicking the home button and swiping up to turn off Calendar, and powering down my iPad and restarting the whole shootin' match.  Everything looks ok on my iPhone 5S; but the darn iPad's calendar refuses to believe it's back home in the PST zone.


Anyone have any ideas?



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