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I've been trying to download the littemix salute (deluxe) album and i've had this album pre-ordered for around 2 months now, i have 18 dollars on my apple account so i have no idea why it wont download . It saids that i've 'purchesed' it already. So since it wouldnt download onto i my iphone i decided to try on my windows computer , i tried to download it onto my phone but it still wouldnt , a box would pop up saying do you want to download this pre-ordered album and i clicked 'yes' i finished my securty questions and it took me to my account info and it still didnt download . I tried to cancel the pre-order to see if i could try and rebuy it, it saids it's not preordered anymroe but in the itunes store it still saids its 'purchesed' PLEASE HELP I'VE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE THIS ALL DAY!! thank you.

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.3