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I have an ipad 1 and a couple of weeks ago, the power button stopped working. I can no longer lock screen or power off. The thing is that since that day, the power off slider keeps flashing on and off, even when using the ipad. It is especially annoying if i am watching something. When i try to power off using the slider the ipad just comes straight back on and continues to flicker.

After getting somewhat used to this issue, the battery completely went and so i plugged it in as normal and left it there for a few hours. When i went to check on it, the ipad had not charged up even one little bit. I have tried multiple outlets and even purchaced a new adapter and lead for it. This is highly frustraiting as i cant even try and power it on due to the button problem and when i do a reset nothing happens.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thankyou

iPad, iOS 5