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I have read about Idevices supporting dual-band wi-fi, both 2.4 and 5 gHz.


Is that feature only in the newest models, or in older models as well?


I have the Ipad Mini (original model, not the new one), Ipad 2, and Ipod Touch 4th gen.


Do any of those I have support dual-band wi-fi?


If so, how does one configure that--set which band to use, etc.?


While at it, I'll ask another wi-fi question--any way to improve the wi-fi performance my three i-devices? (Perhaps if they could change band, that might be one way.) For instance, trying to connect to the same network from the same place, any of my i-devices connects at a slower speed than my laptop computer (with its internal wi-fi card), or even my Android phone. Also, the range seems to be lower, and the idevices do not see as many networks, due to distance. I am guessing that to save battery life the power on the wi-fi radios on my i-devices is turned down--can it be turned back up, even at the expense of battery life, when one wants a faster or farther connection?


Thanks in advance.