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I got my MacBook Pro in 2009. I finally purchased Snow Leopard so that I could upgrade. However, every time I try, it says that the disc won't work and needs to be cleaned. I've tried cleaning it, and it still isn't working. Other DVDs and CDs that I've tried work just fine.


I'm guessing the only solution to this is to get another copy? If that's the case, do you think Apple would send me another for free (I took the disc right out of the package and put it right into the CD drive--I'm positive I didn't scratch it)?


I currently have 10.5.8.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    You should first try the disc in another computer. Could you be more specific about what happens when you try to boot from the disc? Do you know how to boot from the disc? Can you insert the disc into the optical drive, then see it mount on your Desktop?

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    It starts to install and then says that the disc needs to be cleaned and to try again. What exactly do you mean by booting from the disc? When I put it into the optical drive, I believe it brings up the installation software in Finder.

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    Booting From An OS X Installer Disc


      1. Insert OS X Installer Disc into the optical drive.

      2. Restart the computer.

      3. Immediately after the chime press and hold down the "C" key.

      4. Release the key when the spinning gear below the dark gray Apple

          logo appears.

      5. Wait for installer to finish loading.

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    When I do this, is it supposed to start up my computer like usual, just with the disc already open in Finder and mounted on the desktop?

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    No. Follow the directions just posted.