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I'd love advice from people who have tested MDM alternatives for a few months.


I've just updated to the newest configurator and it has more bugs than the "old" version.   ipads constantly must have their screen touched to say "Trust".   If I can't race to touch the screen of the ipad my mac shows this error when I connect the mac via USB to the ipad.  This happens even with only one apple genuine USB cable attached.  The error is:   "unable to attach device to Apple Configuator"


Apple's confiturator is doomed, and it seems they want people to leave.


I do not want to use anything such as Apple's OSX server.   I'd prefer some type of cloud tool or app that runs on a desktop mac.  


Thanks for the help.   Having ATTACHment issues.


ps: if it carries any weight, I authored this HOWTO document to help IT staff setup a cart with Configurator. 


Sincerely,  J

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1