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we Updated to OS 10.9 and Configurator 1.4.3


now we get false alarms on the screen of our macbook air when connected to Bretford cart with one ipad or 30 ipads.




"ipad not charging  Connect to a power adapter or a USB port on this Mac to Charge"


This bug did not exist with OS 10.8 and Configurator 1.4.1


Apple, please test your software in ways the customer uses it.  It's pretty clear from the more serious "redeem" bugs that you have very few staff dedicated to tools that you suggest for schools to manage the millions of ipads you sell to education. 


We are thinking of ending all IT managment of our school ipads and giving each student an ipad and the occasional gift card to buy apps.   We may even demand a refund of the many thousands of dollars in VPP apps we've purchased.  Half price apps is no savings when our ipads are damaged by apple configurator software.  


We are better off with full price apps and knowing that apple supports ipads in a stand alone one useer (appleid) atmosphere.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1