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jean_lawrence9016 Level 1 (0 points)

I have problem sim locked the no service log over one month.

i need open sim passcode itune,

i cannot talk to phone.

i'm full deaf . how help me please.

i have recevied pac .

thanks jean

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.4
  • Antonio Rocco Level 6 (10,517 points)

    Jean. Sorry to hear (no pun intended) you're having problems. Try your cell phone carrier/provider for assistance with the problem you're having as they best placed to help you.


    Apple and no-one here can unlock your phone for you. Only your carrier can.

  • jean_lawrence9016 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apologies i meant to say the handset it self is locked and it requires an unlocking code which apparently you generate, however, as the phone was bought through ordange they have said they have requested the code from yourselves yet we still do not have the code and they keep telling us we will receive in the next two days and it never happens is there any way you can push this forward it is for an iphone 4. i am not getting any where with orange unfortubately and it is like they are not bothering and i dont know what else i need to do as i am currently with a phone which has no service and so i cannot use this which being deaf is a major setback as i require the use of text to contact people

  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,310 points)

    WE don't generate anything. This is a user forum. Apple doesn't generate anything either.


    What is the EXACT error message you're seeing?

  • jean_lawrence9016 Level 1 (0 points)

    there is no error message we are unable to use the phone due to the hand set is under orange we need the handset itself unlocked which orange said you create a code for it to be unlocked so any sim can be used within the phone??

  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,310 points)

    You mean the phone is carrier locked.


    There is no "unlock code".


    This is how unlocking works on an iPhone: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5014

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,991 points)

    IPhones are not unlocked with a code. You request an unlock from the carrier. If they approve it they will send you an email with instructions. They will also notify Apple that your phone should be unlocked. Apple will update their activation database. Then you connect the phone to a computer with the latest version of iTunes. Click on the phone's name in iTunes. Then click Restore iPhone. If the unlock has been approved and Apple has updated their database (which can take several days) the phone will be restored, and iTunes will display the message "Congratulations. Your iPhone has been unlocked."