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I had a Macbook Pro that was dying so I did a last minute backup using TimeMachine and a good external hard drive.  Got it. 


Now I have an iMac with the same specs but a smaller hard drive.  And in the time between the dead MBP and me getting this iMac I've decided that I don't want all the junk from my MBP.  So I've transferred what I do want: the documents, software, settings from itunes and prefs from various web browsers over and am pretty happy except that I can't run

  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Calendar
  3. Address book


I've done full restores in the past and they've worked perfectly.  Never a problem.  But the nickel and dime approach I've taken now doesn't totally work.  Obviously I've missed something.  Can anyone advise me on what all I need to move over from the backup to my iMac to get these 3 things to work as they did in my macbook pro?


I do not have my disk for Office.


Any advice much appreciated.

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    Mac OS X

    What happens when you try to open them? What OS are you running?

  • Sheila Anderson1 Level 1 Level 1

    The Mac runs OS 10.6.8


    The calendar has nothing in it.


    The address book has nothing in it.


    The error message for Office: "The Office for Mac installation did not complete successfully because there was a problem with the installer."


    I've done in the past maybe 4 different restorations from Time Machine and no problems.  I suppose I could just do an all out restore on this one, but like I said in my earlier post, I really don't want the extra crap that I had on my MBP.

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    Mac OS X

    For Address Book - try going to your user library (home folder) Application Support/Address Book. Enter Time Machine and restore that folder.


    Calendar - same user library/Calendars - enter Time Machine and restore.


    Can you restore the Office 20XX folder from Time Machine. There is also a Microsoft folder in your user library.

  • Sheila Anderson1 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "Enter Time Machine and restore." 


    I've not yet set up Time Machine on the 'new' iMac.  All I have is what's currently on the iMac and my external hard drive hooked into the iMac.


    That said, I realized that while I dragged and dropped files in Application Support, I hadn't selected the correct Application Support, ie under the correct user.


    I was able to get the Address Book - hoorah.


    Not yet able to get anything yet from the calendar.  And nothing for Office.  I did indeed move the Microsoft folder from the user library to the iMac but doesn't seem to work.



  • Eric Root Level 9 Level 9
    Mac OS X

    If you had/have a Time Machine backup of the MacBook Pro, you should be able to link to it from your new computer. See B5/6.


    Time Machine Troubleshooting