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Very strange problem I've never encountered before...


When I logged into iCloud the other day, the vast majority of my appointments had disappeared from my calendar.  It showed a couple of items from previous months (but not all of them), and NOTHING in February.  I checked my iPhone and iPad, and all of my appointments are still there.  I even created a new event on, which then properly synced to my other devices.  But now even that event doesn't appear on anymore.


I flipped over to contacts on, and everything shows up fine.  Any help?  This is really frustrating...


BTW -- I'm using the latest Chrome browser on two computers (Windows 7 & Windows 8).  Tried Internet Explorer but that didn't work either.  Also, my appointments all sync just find to Outlook using the iCloud extension.  It's only that doesn't work.

Windows 7
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    You'll probably have to contact iCloud support and have them investigate your account at their end (  This clearly shouldn't be happening.

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    I have three iPhone users here at work who are experiencing similar symptoms, also all starting yesterday afternoon (February 4, 2014).  All events still appear in the calendars on their iPhones, but very few events appear in their calendars on website.


    For days that show some items, viewing that day in "Day mode" on then causes the missing events to appear for that day. But some days show no events at all on, and viewing those days in "Day mode" does nothing.


    All three users tend to have lots of "all-day" events on their calendars.


    It is as though the website's calendar is not properly refreshing or displaying the events which are clearly still saved in their iCloud accounts.


    (As a side, all three users can still see all events in Outlook on their PCs, which is set to sync with the iCloud accounts).


    Anyone else seeing this or have any suggestions?

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    Exactly the same problem here. My calendar on iPhone, iPad and in Outlook 2013 on my PC are all OK, but icloud shows just a subset of my appointments, and there is no logical connection between those that are displayed or not. I called into Apple Support earlier, but they couldn't resolve - and I had to check first my ipad ans pc at home. Will call in tomorrow if the issue isnt fixed by then. For now its good to know that I am not the only one, but it certainly bothers me, the webinterface is important to me keep uptodate with my own calendar when i am at work.


    Btw, I use both IE and Firefox, both show the very same. Presumably the 'database' of events that synchronizes between the devices is ok, just the website doesn't retrieve all events properly.

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    Yes, we also discovered that the problem is not specific to a browser or even to the Windows PCs; Firefox, Safari and even Chromium browser on a Linux machine all show the same problems with loading only a few of the events contained in the accounts.


    It definitely appears to be an issue, and none of our three users were having this problem before yesterday.

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    I noticed that when I add new events to Outlook or iPhone these don't come through to anymore, while the reverse still works. Outlook and iPhone still synchronize nicely too.

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    I noticed the same problem today... Events on the calendar are missing but those same events are still in my iPhone calendar. If I click on day view instead of month view some re-appear in the calendar, but not all...

    Hopefully this is just an glitch that Apple fixes soon.

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    Absolutely same problem here. Noticed it first yesterday (Feb 5th 2014) with a lot of events missing, now today all my entries in the calendar are missing (except one recurring event). Data on iPhone and iPad are consistent. Contacted Apple support, who only told me to reset my iCloud account on my iPhone, with no avail. At least data on my two iOS devices seems to continue to be consistent. The support guys were totally unaware of a general iCloud problem and also said, they would never had such an issue before. The next thing the support guy proposed, was to restore my account from backup. But I think this would also not be of any help. So I'll just wait and see, how many other users are experiencing the same problem. I'd guess that there are a lot more people affected. Hope this gets fixed soon, it's really an annoying issue...

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    Does anyone know if subscribed calendars are supposed to show on as well? Only my device-created calendars and events are appearing...ugh.


    ETA: Nevermind. Crud.

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    I am having the same issue which started a few weeks ago.

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    Update: Suddenly, calendar entries are starting to reappear... Not all of them are visible again, but quite a few are back...

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    Next status: Now they're gone again. :-( I suppose, Apple is working on a fix...

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    An update: entries made today on my iphone dont synchronize anymore to outlook and ipad. From my end it is only getting worse, it is getting fully unreliable.

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    I also have a problem with recurring items disappearing from the icloud web calendar, although they persist in the iphone.  When I add a new one on either platform, I get duplicates on the iphone.  They consistantly disappear from the web icloud calendar client no matter which platform was used to enter them.

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    Same problem here, What is odd, in my case, is that if I add an event for November of 2014, it says put in the web iCloud calendar. But anything in April or May disppears, though it syncs with iPhone calenders and appears there.

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