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  • marjako Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem for me.  Calendar entries seem to come and go at will on  I'm also having trouble syncing from Outlook to icloud now.  Only started a couple of days ago.  I hope they get this fixed soon.  Big problem for those of us relying on electronic calendars.  Now don't know which events are missing!

  • Pretlicht Level 1 Level 1

    I have drawn my conclusions and reverted to Google Calendar to synchronize my stuff. Got too nervous about losing my data.

  • Mike Barlow Level 1 Level 1

    I've switched to google as well. At least until iCloud is reliable. I need reliability.

  • fcdmeyer Level 1 Level 1

    Escalated to Apple support. Curious what'll come around. Status when talking to the support engineer was:  A few of my entries were visible. Created a new test entry, which was visible for about a minute and then vanished together with nearly all (except for one) of the other visible calendar entries... Strange.


    Sidenote: Birthday calendar seems not to be affected.


    I'll continue to post what comes out of this. We pay Apple a lot of money. I expect their solutions to be working. This needs to be fixed.

  • ADPAD Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same calendar problem with events not showing up in the web iCloud calendar. My iPhone calendar shows all entries but the web-based calendar is dropping some events. If I edit the event on my phone, it will show up on the web-based calendar a few seconds later. However, if I close and reload the web-based icloud calendar the events are missing again.


    Hope it gets fixed soon! 

  • Zephyr53 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting the same problem.  Most events just disappeared from calendar.  I hadn't changed a thing except to try to add a couple of events; they appeared on my iphone but disappeared from on my pc.  Tried 3 different browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


    I'm of the opinion that this is entirely an Apple problem.  And we thought Windows Vista was buggy.....

  • jt3381 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem.  All of my appointments are correct and displaying on my Mac, iPhone and iPad, but not in iCloud (on PC, haven't checked on my Mac).  I can add appointments to iCloud and they will appear everywhere else, but then they randomly disappear and reappear in iCloud.  Also, some months have more appointments displaying than others, but none (except the current week, and past appointments) are all being displayed.  It's an annoyance, since I use my iCloud when I'm at work, to coordinate my personal schedule with my work schedule.  I've tried logging out, and in, and resetting iCloud, but the same problem persists.  This only started to show up about a week ago, around February 3rd 2014.

  • ADPAD Level 1 Level 1

    i won't call it a fix - but i did find a workaround that helps manage the problem.


    1) login to the icloud web-based calendar


    2) instead of month view, which seems to not load the events correctly, switch to day view. once you are looking at 1 day's events, reload the browser window.  this should load all of the day's events correctly.


    3) now, if you switch back to month view, you should see all of your events.  this has worked for me so far today.


    it seems obvious the events are all stored correctly in the 'cloud' as the iphone and ipad loads the calendar correctly.  for some reason, the web-based calendar is not working reliably in monthly or weekly view on initial load, but seems to recover if loaded in daily mode.


    hope this helps APPLE to find/fix the problem.

  • Zephyr53 Level 1 Level 1

    Wow- you're right- that workaround does work.  Thanks!

  • fcdmeyer Level 1 Level 1

    Working for me now. But no information or reply from Apple support. Although the guys I have dealt with were very polite and helpful, I find the performance of Apple support neither very customerfriendly nor satisfying. They left me in the dark and I didn't even get to know, how my problem was being taken care of. Beware Apple: Pride comes before a fall. It's us customers who pay you.

  • jt3381 Level 1 Level 1

    Working for me now too. 

  • Bobafett8782 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem. Fixed today as well.

  • hoec Level 1 Level 1

    All seems well with our calendars here today too.  I had three coworkers who were affected.


    It would be really nice if Apple would acknowledge when issues like this are happening, rather than leaving it up to the users (and their IT guys like me) to figure out that it is not a local or isolated issue. The "System Status site made no mention at any time.  It also would have been nice if they had corrected it more quickly, since the problem went on for a full week. But very glad it is fixed now.

  • Zazou Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    This fix doesn't seem to work for me, the event is visible on iPhone, iPad and iMac but not web icloud.  I can however see the event as the person I've invited has shared their calendar with me, so I see it on his calendar, but not mine!

  • georgeny Level 1 Level 1

    I have tried everything at a complete loss. Upsetting as a calendar function between devices to me is a PRIMARY function. A must work function for many in the age of portable devices . In may case pertains to ONLY recurring events. A recurring event EVEN IF ENTERED ON DESKTOP appears correctly on Ipad and iPhone and iCloud but disappears on iMac desktop.


    If I make an event from an email ON MY DESKTOP, it will correctly show on Ipad, iPhone, iCloud, but NOT on DESKTOP where it was actually created.


    This problem has been around for quite a while now with no response from Apple on any of these calendar problems, shame on them. This is a BASE function of a computer to me.


    Let me add another clue on this mystery! The other day I exported my DESKTOP calendar to a thumb drive and then imported it to a Laptop Pro that I do not use the calendar on. ALL the events including those that don't appear on DESKTOP correctly appeared on the imported calendar.


    Another clue, if I do a calendar search function for the type item that isn't showing it appears correctly in the search results though doesn't appear on desktop calendar itself. So events are in the desktop calendar file but for some reason do not actually appear in any view of the calendar itself!


    George in NY