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I just installed DVD Studio Pro 2 in a Power Book G4 Lap but I cant see subtitle text typing after doble click a new subtitle. I see the text that I am typing in the Inspector Window but the grew square in the Monitor Window seemes empty. Once I finished the subtitle I can run the video and the subtitle appears in color, font and size chosen. Creating the next subtitle I can even go to the one before click once over the subtitle, then click above to get the videoline tool over the subtitle and I will see the subtitle in the Monitor and editing the text in the Inspector I can see the changes in the Monitor. But as soon as I doble click the grew square appears and the text dissapears. Sin doubt the text is there because I can select the invisible text with "Apple"+"A", and then change fonts and sizes and it works. In Color settings I tried every posible combination of Mapping types, color and opacity. In DVD Preference I checked the subtitle  settings. The monitor text defaults work perfectly and double clicking texts in the Monitor window where a grew sqaure appears and the text is visible just works correctly. Somebody can help? Do I need to change some configuration in the LAP?

DVD Studio Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)