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I have gotten through every step, here is where I am stuck.


After Windows installs, I am at the screen that says "Personalize, Pcik a color you like and give your pc a name. You' be able to personalize it more later."


I have a set of colors to choose from, and I have to give my PC a name.


I cannot do this. My mouse (wireless), and keyboard (wirelss) do not work they do not connect.


THIS IS the first time I have ever tried to install windows on my mac.


Things to know, I can turn my Mac off and on by pressing the power button, when I turn my mac back on I cannot use my keyboard as it instantly starts as windows, and goes into the same "Personalize" window to finish the installation as before. 


So I am basically stuck in this circle, I cannot start my mac in OS.


Any help is appreciated.


Sincerly: Me who only wants windows to play some great games.

iMac, iOS 6.1.4
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    Because I am frustrated and not thinking I am going to unplug the USB "skydrive" I think it is called and go from there.


    NOPE, nothing it still boots up in windows and takes me to the window previously mentioned, still stuck in cirlce.

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    Another update, I tried calling Apple support, but they are closed. I will call tomorrow, and keep everyone posted.

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    There are a number of posts with this query, most of which are regarding Windows 7 but the odd one refers to Windows 8. I know that USB2 as opposed to USB3 sticks can be a factor and also that the Bootcamp Support drivers should be present on that same USB device, for best results.

    Try some googling and see what you can find out.

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    thanks for the reply.


    The first thing I have done to try and fix this. But anyways, Apple support page says "to make sure the usb stick is all the way to the left, and my skydrive all the way to the right, I started the mac in OS, and then re-installed windows using the directions from here. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4599, but i still get stuck in the circle.


    I was doing this for four hours last night, googling, apple forums, anything I could find.


    I am going to phone apple support tomorrow and see what they say, if that does not work, I will try your suggestion.


    if anyone else has any other ideas feel free to leave them here.


    thank you

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    Ok I am back, after some updates have come out I have now tried to run Bootcamp again, and again I am stuck on the last step entering a name picking a color, and after searching most people seem to say that I will need a wired mouse and wired keyboard just so i can get through this last step, and then after my wireless mouse and keyboard will work.


    my question is: Is there something else going on in the system that I need to address or is it as simple as having a wired mouse and keyboard handy?

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    either wired peripherals or USB2 will work

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    I honestly cannot believe I did not think of this month ago, obviously Windows wont be able to run a wireless keyboard and mouse right away.