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I have some apps on my new iPad Air where I can use a stylus to jot notes, etc.  However, all I have is the fat round rubber-type stylus.  One is from Bamboo, the others were gifts.  They are awkward to use for notes, to do lists, etc.  Is there a fine tip stylus that can be used that will not harm my iPad screen?  Any recommendations/suggestions are most appreciated. 

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    I just purchased an iPad Air for my daughter to use when she returns to Grad school this fall. We have an iPad to and the 6 mm broad-tip styluses worked OK for quick notes. With the higher resolution screen and a few years to improve things, I thought that then would have gotten better.


    In fact, I think that they have gotten worse. We purchased a Defender case for the Air and I bought several of the inexpensive rubber tipped styluses. They all required too much pressure for writing comfortably and all skipped leaving the writing to be unusable.


    Next, we purchased the 'Pencil' from 53 the makers of the iPad app 'Paper'. This uses a low powered bluetooth tech that WITHOUT the screen protector worked much better. You could use it to take notes using the Goodnote App. With the screen protector, the skipping returns and the pressure causes the tip to rub on the screen too much.


    I have ordered the Adonit Script to try that, but there are several posts on the net that suggest that I won't be pleased with that either if using a screen protector. Honestly, does anyone really take their Air into an environment with people jostling about and NOT protect it?


    I went to the Apple Store and their answer was "We don't sell a stylus, so we don't know anything about them." I made an appointment with the local Genius who admitted that they (the local store genuses were aware of the problem, but that Apple had not official response to the problem. [Seems that a problem doesn't exist if you don't acknowledge it.]


    Our plan is to wait for the Adonit Jot Script stylus arrival, and if it doesn't work, we will return the Air and look at alternatives.


    Hope you have better luck or better yet find the answer so that the rest of us can use the Air to its full potential.

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    RickF49 wrote:


    Honestly, does anyone really take their Air into an environment with people jostling about and NOT protect it?


    For what it's worth, I have had multiple iPads and have never used a screen protector, so does anyone here that I know of, and none of us have had any reason to regret that decision. The only reason I can think of for needing a screen protector is if you don't use a case/cover to protect the iPad in transit or are pretty careless in what sort of tools and other hard objects you use around your iPad (or you allow small children to use your iPad). Perhaps you'd consider just not using a screen protector.


    Our plan is to wait for the Adonit Jot Script stylus arrival, and if it doesn't work, we will return the Air and look at alternatives.


    No other tablet that is designed to work with touch is likely to be any different. You'll need one designed to use a stylus, and then it may not work, or not work well, with touch. Up to you what works best for you.



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    Thank you for the reply.  I will be interested in how you rate the jot when you get it.  I do not have a screen protector but do have the really nice iPad cover that connects magnetically and turns off the device when closed.  Most everyone at work uses these covers.  I agree with your assessment about the other stylus needing too much pressure to write comfortably. 

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    Hi, how is the Adonit Jot Script stylus?  I bought my wife an iPad Air and wondering what the best fine-point stylus should we get.  Thanks.

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    I got one to test and wasn't happy with it for handwriting. Slow and rather erratic, and that using Penultimate which is supposedly optimised for the Jot Script. Drawing would probably be fine.



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    Hey! I have been writing (a lot) on my ipad for quite a while now ( a year) so i believe i can give u some tips about styli.

    I have checked out all kinds of styli. The worst styli you can find out there are the rubber end ones. Even if they have a fine point they're still incapable. When ur screen or the rubber point is going to be slightly humid then its rubbish. U will need something more solid.

    I have bought both Adonit Pro and Adonit Script t different times and tried them out.

    I had first started using Adonit Pro. Its incredible really. The only con about it is that if ure not careful with it u can lose the disc, and also u must replace the disc every 3 months or so, depending on the rate ur using it.

    I use it every single day and a lot. I do not write on paper, just on my ipad. I study medicine so u could understand i write a lot. It also has a magnet inside, which lets it attach on your ipad smartcase. It really comes in handy trust me.

    Then the Script was produced and many styli users went a bit mad about if it was worth it or not etc. I liked the fact that it had no disc. BUT at the end of the day i was dissapointed. I gave it a one month chance. Many cons and few pros.


    BATTERY required therefore heavier and u need to buy a battery average every month (not that of a big deal though)

    CLICKING NOISE. if ur in a coffee shop or something like that its perfectly fine. But if ure in the library then its a pain in the *** believe me. Everyones going to be ****** at u

    IPAD ORIENTATION ISSUES. If ure writing on a vertically orientated ipad then the styli works great. If its horizontally then the stylus tends to write about 1-2mm inferiorly to your tip. I tried to get used it but just couldnt. After going back to my Adonit Pro i realised i was suffocating with the Adonit Script.


    Conclusion: I vehemently reccomend Adonit Pro.

    ps1. i have nothing to do with Adonit. Just trying to help!

    ps2. ill send u some pictures of my work so u get the idea of how writing with the Adonit Pro is. My writing is exactly the same when i write on paperScreen Shot 2014-05-23 at 21.08.29.png

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    In my experience the expensive styli don't work any better than the cheap ones. You are essentially paying for an easy to hold finger. I just bouth a six pack of these for next to nothing and now have six extra easy to hold fingers!

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    Hi Alex,


    thanks for your comment. Just one question: Do you have an iPad Air?


    Thanks again

    BR, Andrej

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    Andrej Slo 123 wrote:


    Hi Alex,


    thanks for your comment. Just one question: Do you have an iPad Air?


    I've sucessfuly used both of the stylii that Alex reviewed on my iPad Air. I tend to agree that the Pro is one of the best options for writing.

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    I havw the ipad previous to the ipad air.

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    The Adonit Jot Script doesn't seem to be all that it was hyped to be. For now I think the Maglus Stylus is still the way to go.

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    The Samsung Galaxy Note series uses a Wacom digitizer, which works extremely well, and the touch also works perfectly. I lug around both a Note and an Air, but it is not optimal.

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    The Maglus stylus does not have a fine tip.

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