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Since the last upgrade some of my files will not open. The error message states I need a newer version of pages. I tried to update and it says I have the latest version.

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    The latest version of Pages runs under a later version of OS X.

    So the updates you got likely will not work in the older Pages.


    And if you have two Pages, be sure the latest (if supported)

    is chosen at the one your system goes to, not an older one.


    What are your system specs, OS X version, & hardware configuration?


    Good luck & happy computing!

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    OS X 10.9.1 as to hardware config I am not sure

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    I think I only have one version of pages.

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    Pages 4.3 appears to be my version

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    When was the last upgrade to your Mac?


    Was it from 10.9 to 10.9.1, or from an older Mt Lion, Lion, or Snow Leopard?


    Can you find the date & version of  Pages you have?


    •MacBasics: Mac App Store:



    I've read about this kind of issue last year,

    now don't have a reference to the problem.


    Downloaded updates are not always installed

    automatically, but may be elsewhere in Mac.


    Some Mavericks support articles are available from main OS X Support page http://www.apple.com/support/osx/ online. And perhaps Mac Applications support http://www.apple.com/support/mac-apps/ has information on Pages updates or upgrades to later download versions.


    Pages 5.1 appears to be the latest version...


    Good luck & happy computing!



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    I am going to say from 10.9 to 10.9.1 as I upgraded from Snow Leopard some time ago. It says pages 09 version 4.3 (1048)


    I have looked on Mac-Apps and was not able to figure anything out.

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    There is a window in your OS X Mavericks as shown in the 'MacBasics' page above that can help determine what gets installed after download, when and maybe where.


    Also, the older iWorks applications is the parent application to Pages. So there likely is a connection between any upgrade in iWorks (parts thereof) and a newer Pages. According to what they say in Mac Apps, the newer Pages is either $19.99 or maybe if an upgrade was included with Mavericks, perhaps it may be free. All depending on the path authorized by Mavericks upgrade, whether or not additional Apple applications have a discount or a free version. The access to the Store and your Apple ID are required to see what if anything you have downloaded and what may mean in relation to Mavericks OS X 10.9.1.


    Hopefully you can find the relationship in those details, from the linked info sites above. I think I did. And my vintage Macs won't be running Mavericks anytime soon, except in their dreams, maybe.


    Good luck & happy computing!